World Danger Spots 2014


Where are the world’s most dangerous places in 2014?

1. Kashmir: The Burning Paradise
Mostly forgotten, but the highly dangerous, Indian-controlled portion of disputed Kashmir is the first flashpoint. Struggle against Indian occupation is again boiling. Skirmishing along Line of Control is frequent. The nuclear strike forces of both India and Pakistan are on a perilous hair-trigger alert, with about three minutes warning of an enemy attack.

A false warning of incoming missiles or aircraft, a border clash, or an offensive by any of the countries could set off a war that could kill millions and pollute the entire planet with radioactive dust. India and Pakistan aside, hardly anyone even thinks about beautiful, remote, perilous Kashmir.

 2. Korea’s Demilitarized Zone
Korea’s Demilitarized Zone is the world’s second most dangerous place where 1.5 million North and South Korean troops, and 28,000 Americans, face off. Tension crackles along the DMZ. Some 11,000 N. Korean guns and rockets are targeted on South Korea’s capital, Seoul. The North is believed to have 4-6 crude nuclear devices that could hit S. Korea or Japan.

War could erupt anytime along the DMZ. Just as likely, North Korea could collapse, sending 25 million starving northerners to seek refuge in South Korea, something that Seoul dreads.

3. The Dear Old Middle East
Syria may continue disintegrating into warring mini-states. The US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey sparked the uprising against Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad to punish Iran, causing millions of refugees to flood the region. This after the US invasion of Iraq caused 3 million refugees. Iran and Saudi Arabia will fight over Syria’s bleeding body as this once lovely country is relentlessly destroyed.

Intense efforts are underway by American neocons and their hired hands in Congress to get the US to attack Iran, or at least force the US to go to war against Iran if Israel initiates a conflict.

Yemen will continue to burn. Moreover, Israel is gearing up for another invasion of Lebanon aimed at destroying Hezbollah, and it may intervene directly in Syria. Egypt, now ruled by a fascist military junta, is working hand in glove with Israel and Saudi Arabia. The so-called Israel-Palestinian peace agreement is a very bad joke, a Mideast Kabuki dance in which no one believes.

4. East Africa: A New Cauldron of Trouble
Efforts by Washington to forge a US-led African protectorate of South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Somalia – dominated by close US ally Ethiopia – have run into trouble. All are dictatorships that are rent by tribal, ethnic and regional problems.

Watch the new US Africa Command get drawn ever deeper into East, Central and North Africa, all regions, by no coincidence, with oil.

5. China Sea: Sino-Japanese Faceoff
China is in open confrontation with Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines over its claims to islets in the East China Sea. This has caused the US to beef up its Pacific forces and alliances. Japanese and Chinese warplanes and ships play a daily game of chicken around the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. China’s stance is causing Japan to increase military spending and may, along with North Korean threats, cause Japan to deploy nuclear weapons – which it can produce in only 90 days.

Chinese, usually deft, cautious diplomats, have alarmed much of East Asia. China has been fanning the flames of nationalism among young people.
The clock is ticking down rapidly.

6. Ukraine: In EU or Not?
Strife-torn Ukraine is another powder keg. Its western half wants to join Europe; the Russian-speaking eastern half wants to reunite with Russia. The West is busy stirring the pot in Kiev. Moscow is furious and sees nefarious western plots to begin tearing apart the Russian Federation, which is beset by rebellion in the
Caucasus. All this threatens a clash between Russia and NATO. Diplomacy, not subversion, is urgently needed.

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