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How compatible are democracy and capitalism?


How compatible are democracy and capitalism? Economic stress and demographic change are weakening a symbiotic relationship Of late, the world’s older democracies have begun to look more vulnerable than venerable. America seems destined for a constitutional showdown between the executive and the legislature. Brexit has mired Britain in a constitutional morass of its own. Such troubles could be mistaken for ... Read More »

Why Technocracy is the Only Way Out?

Conceptual financial position represented with colored play pieces and coins.

Why Technocracy is the Only Way Out? Amjed Jaaved With change of guards at the SBP, and with removal of a bureaucrat from the post of FBR Chairman, and appointment of a technocrat to take his place, a surreptitious technocratic coup d’état seems to be underway in Pakistan. This development also suggests that the current setup of the country is ... Read More »

The Two-State Solution


The Two-State Solution Keeping the Hope of Peace Alive Federica Mogherini Our common region—the Mediterranean and the wider Middle East—is going through a long and difficult transition. The war in Syria is not yet over, and Libya is still torn by violence and instability. While there are new hopes for de-escalation in Yemen, the road to peace is still long. ... Read More »

Commercial Forestry in Pakistan


Commercial Forestry in Pakistan Public Private Partnerships is the way to go! M.H. Rehman One of the major causes of climate change is deforestation. As human population and industrialization have grown, so have human settlements and use of timber for multiple purposes. This means much of the land that previously had forests and other vegetation on it has been, on ... Read More »

Budget-Making in Pakistan

Pie chart on a stock chart with a budget

Budget-Making in Pakistan Say Yes to Transparency Zafrullah Saroya In modern governance, the budget of a state is one of the most powerful fiscal instruments at the disposal of an incumbent government to implement its political commitments and development agenda. Tabled every year in the parliament, the budget contains the ideas that are to be translated into implementable policies prioritized by ... Read More »