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How compatible are democracy and capitalism?


How compatible are democracy and capitalism? Economic stress and demographic change are weakening a symbiotic relationship Of late, the world’s older democracies have begun to look more vulnerable than venerable. America seems destined for a constitutional showdown between the executive and the legislature. Brexit has mired Britain in a constitutional morass of its own. Such troubles could be mistaken for ... Read More »

Budget Brief 2019-20

Budget. Word on strings. Conceptual 3d image

Budget Brief 2019-20 Muhammad Sulaiman Social Indicators Facts about Pakistan Economy 5th most populous country in the world 23rd largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) 40th largest in terms of nominal gross domestic product. Nominal GDP per capita of $1,357 in 2019 (ranks 154th ) PPP GDP per capita of 5,839 in 2019(132th) Undocumented economy ... Read More »

The Federal Budget 2019-20


The Federal Budget 2019-20 Rarely if ever, except perhaps during the initial years after our independence in 1947, has Pakistan faced such dire economic straits as those that confront it today. Consequently, the template of the federal budget was cast by the IMF programme terms that the country recently agreed with the Fund at the staff-level and has duly complied ... Read More »

The Untapped Potential of BLUE ECONOMY


Pakistan’s route towards becoming an ocean-economy Since time immemorial, oceans and seas have been the source of natural resources and wealth. Many great civilizations evolved, and got destroyed, due to their geostrategic location on the sea routes. The harbours, coastlines and beaches provided humanity with an unending access to abundant onshore and offshore resources that necessitated a fast-paced development of ... Read More »

Slowdown of Economy


By: Dr Hafiz A. Pasha There are visible signs that the economy is beginning to slow down. During the last five years, the growth process had gradually begun to gather some momentum. The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics had, no doubt, been compelled to exaggerate the GDP growth rate. But the evidence was convincing that the economy had moved up from ... Read More »

Where is the World Economy Heading?

World Economy

By: Waqar Masood Khan There is a lot of flux that characterizes the world economy at present. While developed markets are performing exceptionally well, emerging markets (EM) are facing high uncertainty. More importantly, a very large number of market pundits are predicting that a great recession is just around the corner. The emerging markets are under huge stress. Their currencies ... Read More »

The Economy of Pakistan

The Economy of Pakistan

By: Osama Rizvi A Blueprint for Much-needed Reforms With a $313bn economy (as per the latest 2018 figures released by the State Bank of Pakistan), Pakistan is a country that has undergone a panoply of changes during the recent years. The year 2016 was the annus mirabilis as the stock market yielded a mouth-watering return of 46 percent. Besides this, ... Read More »

Public–Private Partnerships

Public–Private Partnerships

By: Sarfraz Saroya A Quick Guide In every country around the world, fiscal or budgetary constraints have seen the governments adopt supplementary and innovative approaches to infrastructure provisioning and funding, away from the traditional role of the government as the only infrastructure service-provider, to include the expertise and finance of the private sector. One such measure is Public-Private Partnership which ... Read More »

Global Economic Restructuring


By: Michael Spence Powerful implications of the Restructuring of the World A decade after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the world economy is back on shaky ground. In its latest World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the world economy is at risk of another financial meltdown, following the failure of governments and regulators to push ... Read More »

Is free trade always the answer?

Is free trade always the answer?

As concerns over Donald Trump’s import tariffs intensify and Britain renegotiates its trading relationship with Europe, the postwar consensus towards ever-closer economic cooperation between wealthy nations is being unpicked. Why is Trade Good? Economists argue about a lot of things, yet many would probably agree on the benefits of free trade, which generates wealth by allowing the free flow of ... Read More »