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CSS’18 SEMINAR at World Times Institute

Best CSS Academy in Lahore

CSS’18 SEMINAR at World Times Institute Sunday 26th February @ 3:00pm Best CSS Academy in Lahore World Times Institute 121-D, Near Main Market, Gulberg II, Lahore – 042-35714747, 03025556806-7

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America’s Decline and the Future of Humanity

Americas Decline and the Future of Humanity

Assessing the impacts of America’s growing isolation The present generation of young people as well as the generations to come will face some really hard, demanding problems that have never arisen in the 200,000 years of human history. Although looking at the turmoil and chaos in the world today, particularly the growing climatic changes, the rise of ISIS, Russia-US tensions, …

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AN ECONOMY FOR THE 99%, It’s time to build a human economy that benefits everyone


New estimates show that just eight men own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world. As growth benefits the richest, the rest of society suffers. The very design of our economies and the principles of our economics have taken us to this extreme, unsustainable and unjust point. Our economy must stop excessively rewarding those at the top …

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The Paris Peace Conference, A funeral without a corpse

The Paris Peace Conference

It was, even by the dispiriting standards of Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy, a futile concept: a peace conference without either of the warring parties. On January 15th, diplomats from more than 70 countries flew to Paris for a summit against which Israeli officials had been inveighing for weeks. After a full day of debate, the diplomats issued a two-page declaration that urged …

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Ban Ki-moon’s Legacy Despite successes, he leaves behind a world in chaos

Ban Ki-moon

“I want to put on the table today a major and much-needed reform for fairness and effectiveness in the UN. Far too often, I have seen widely-supported proposals blocked, in the name of consensus, by a few or sometimes even just one country.” — Ban Ki-moon (Former UN Secretary General) After racking up the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the …

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Will Syrian Conflict redraw the map of the Middle East?

Syrian Conflict

In the history of the Middle East, the year 2017 is going to be a big year for anniversaries as it marks the 100th anniversary of 1917 and the 50th anniversary of 1967 — the two most consequential years of the past century. Curiously, and perhaps instructively, certain threads of time run through both years, tying them together with one …

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Ababeel Missile

Ababeel Missile

On Jan 24, Pakistan successfully conducted first flight test of surface-to-surface missile named “Ababeel”. Salient Features Ababeel has a maximum range of 2,200 kilometres. It is capable of delivering multiple warheads using Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology—a first for Pakistan’s arsenal—which means it can carry multiple nuclear bombs instead of just one. It has the capability to engage multiple …

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A New Approach to US-RUSSIA RELATIONS, Finding the middle ground


By: Paul Grenier Given the recent near-hysteria over Russia’s alleged hacking of US political email traffic, it is difficult to imagine a US-Russia relationship established upon a peaceful footing—or, to put it another way, a relationship so stable and constructive that it no longer would depend on the vagaries of changing political personalities. Let’s look at it first through the …

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What Obama Leaves Behind? Less peace, more war

What Obama Leaves Behind

As President Barack Obama’s two terms in the White House have come to an end and Donald J. Trump has entered the Oval Office as the 45th President of the United States of America, it’s time to write the first draft of history about Obama’s time in the White House and the legacy he leaves behind. In 2009, Obama entered …

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OPEC Deal and the Future of Oil, A correction in crude is around the corner

OPEC Deal and the Future of Oil

Predicting where oil prices would go next month or next year has always been a game of hit and miss, all the more so in the past two years since the oil price crash began. Analysts forecast prices in the range US$10 to US$70 at various points in 2016, and actual prices have also had a bumpy ride, with West …

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