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August 2015

RAW, Terrorism and SAARC

RAW terrorism and SAARC

The ominous rightward shift in the Indian politics reflected by the landslide victory of BJP, a right-wing Hindu nationalist party, in the elections held last year under the leadership of Narendra Modi carried dangerous portents for Pakistan. Narendra Modi’s life-long  membership of RSS, an extremist militant organization, and the commitment of both BJP and RSS to Hindutva or the revival …

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From Warrior To Guardian


The President’s Task Force On 21st Century Policing In The Us & How It Is Relevant To Pakistan In the absence of serious academic and independent research on the state of affairs of policing in Pakistan, it may be apposite to take clues from the international perspectives. One such perspective was offered as a result of the Ferguson firing case …

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World in 2050, Where Population Poses The Greatest Challenges


It took hundreds of thousands of years for the world population to grow to 1 billion, and in just another 200 years or so it grew seven-fold. In 2011, the global population reached the 7 billion mark, and it is projected to climb to over 9 billion by 2050. This dramatic growth has been driven largely by increasing numbers of …

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EU-Pakistan Relationship

EU-Pakistan Relationship

Looking Beyond the Trading Partnership Pakistan and the European Union established relations in 1962. The first bilateral cooperation came in 1976 that was followed by a formal Commercial Cooperation Agreement of 1986. However, the 2004 Cooperation Agreement paved the way for closer relations. Since the start of this cooperation, the EU has committed more than €500 million to various projects …

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Maintaining Balance of Power in South Asia

maintaining balance power in south asia

The Role of China-Pakistan Bonhomie South Asia is a very effervescent region in terms of its geopolitical and geostrategic uniqueness on the globe. India and Pakistan are two nuclear states in this region having conflicting and rocky relations. In the backdrop of the negative security externalities originating from US intervention in South Asia, the hypothesis is that China is the …

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Pakistan & The Asia Pacific

Pakistan in the Asian Pacific Politics

Pakistan has aspirations to be a power player in Asia and beyond. It has also strong potential to emerge as the business centre of Asia Pacific region. Although, tackling terrorism and negotiating with regional partners shows progress, yet there is still a long way to go.  It will be a serious foreign policy challenge for Pakistan to balance its relations …

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The Greek Vote and the EU Miscalculation

The Greek Vote and the EU

In a result that should surprise no one, the Greeks voted to reject European demands for additional austerity measures as the price for providing funds to allow Greek banks to operate. There are three reasons why this should have been no surprise. First, the ruling Coalition of the Radical Left, or Syriza party, is ruling because it has an understanding …

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The Beginning Of AIIB Epoch


What’s next for China’s ‘world bank’? On June 29, 2015, representatives of the 57 prospective founding countries including Pakistan gathered in Beijing for a signing ceremony at the Great Hall of the People to mark a further step forward in the establishment of a Chinese-led rival to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank to be known as the Asian …

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Sino-Russian Alliance, Altering the World?

Sino-Russian Alliance

The basic feature of US foreign policy during the Cold War was inclusiveness — a willingness to embrace any country that opposed Communism, whatever its type of government. The US contested the Soviet system and held the line militarily, and its consistent and comprehensive approach eventually led to the Soviet Union’s implosion. After the Cold War, came the “War on …

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Exclusive Interview: Dr Kamran Butt

Dr Kamran Butt

One of the finest orthopaedic surgeons in Pakistan Dr Kamran Butt graduated in medicine from Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur. Besides winning a gold medal, he also secured top three positions in different university level exams. After completing his internship in medicine and surgery, Dr Butt went to Ireland from where he completed specialization in Sports Medicine from Royal College of …

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