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World in Focus (December 2014 – January 2015)

world in focus

National, International News & MCQs National Dec 16: More than 130 schoolchildren and 10 other people were killed when heavily armed militants stormed Army Public School in Peshawar. Dec 16: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) shelved its plans for countrywide demonstrations against the government. Dec 16: The Supreme Court restrained the Sindh government from executing a land deal of 350 acres of …

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Looming Employment Crisis

Looming Employment Crisis

“Education is the key to the future of any country.” We hear these words numerous times a day, and it’s not untrue, at all. Educated people get higher wages and unemployment rate among them remains low. It is also true that the countries which are far ahead in terms of educated population, grow and develop faster and innovate more than …

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10 Scientific Predictions for 2015

Scientific Predictions for 20

Some incredible things happened in the science world in 2014, but one of the best things about science is that we learn more and make progress every year. We take new steps that we couldn’t imagine decades ago. And if we look at the rate of change over time, it’s astounding.  As retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recently said, “In …

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Islam in the Modern World

Islam in the Modern World

“The relevance of Islam in the modern world” is the most talked-about topic in the discussions on religion. One often finds oneself in a quest to find the answer of the question: “Are Islamic traditions (shariah) relevant to the problems faced by the modern world?” The most argued point in this regard is the situation of the Muslim world in …

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The Purpose of Education

the purpose

It goes without saying that education is indispensable for the prosperity of a nation and is critical for its mental, social, cultural, moral, economic and political development. The Encyclopaedia Britannica defines education as a “discipline that is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools or school-like environments as opposed to various nonformal and informal means of socialization.” If …

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Reinvigorating SAARC

Reinvigorating Saarc

During the last quarter of the previous century, international relations witnessed a strong surge towards regionalism. The underlying idea was to promote peace and economic progress through multilateral partnership of states in the region by pooling the available resources. Further impetus was provided by the emergence of new issues that threatened the fabric of international norms, such as terrorism, drug …

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Evaluating Ebola As A Biological Weapon

Evaluating Ebola As A Biologuical Weapon

“Can the Islamic State or some other militant group use Ebola as a biological weapon?” This question has been haunting the world since the outbreak of this deadly virus in Africa during 2014. Such questions and concerns are not surprising given the intense media hype that surrounds the disease. The media hype about the threat posed by the Islamic State …

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Gender Mainstreaming

Gender mainstre

Researchers like Kanter, Beattie and Abella discovered the unequal distribution of power in the organization and general trend of restricting women at lower level in an organization. In the field of public organization, issue of gender is very much important since it is in play at every level.  Sex is basically a biological category whereas gender is purely a socio-cultural …

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Need for Investment

Backup_of_Need for Investment

Investment occupies pivotal position in the economic growth (GDP) of a country as increase in the level of investment boosts economic growth and vice versa. Investment increases the real value of the economy. With increasing level of investment, output of goods and services increases. With additional economic growth, many job opportunities are created and gap between employed and unemployed labour …

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Out of Afghanistan

Out of Afghanista

The winners and losers after 13 years of combat The war in Afghanistan — the longest war in United States history — has ended. In a small and quiet ceremony in the presence of dozens of handpicked Afghan and international officials, the US and its Nato allies lowered the flag of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and replaced it with …

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