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World In Focus (March-April 2015)

World in Focus

┬áNational, International News & MCQs National Mar 16: A day after the suicide attacks on two churches in Lahore, the Punjab government called in Rangers to control the law and order situation in the city. Mar 16: The ECP announced appointment of 50 returning officers (ROs) and 100 assistant returning officers for holding local government elections for 43 cantonment boards. …

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Geography for CSS

Long-awaited changes in CSS syllabus have finally been unveiled. Besides including some new subjects like Anthropology, Environmental Science, Governance & Public Policies etc., the FPSC has also placed all the optional subjects in seven groups. The changes have made the selection of optional subjects an uphill task for most aspirants and for scoring good marks, they will need to seek …

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History of USA

History of USA

History of USA has been one of the most rewarding optional subjects of CSS exam both in terms of marks one can obtain, and the understanding of the modern world seen in the context of the rise of the US from a colonized state to the global superpower that it is today. The subject consists of one paper of 100 …

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Journalism & Mass Communication – Still a Smart Choice

Journalism and Mass Communication

Competitive Examination (CE) 2014 saw a change of trend in examination pattern wherein more at test was the candidate’s in-depth understanding of the subject rather than his/her memory. Although it was a pleasant change for some, it was not much welcomed by most aspirants. The open-ended questions provided the candidate with a broader canvas to express his intellectual prowess. The …

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Muslim Law & Jurisprudence

Muslim Law and Jurisprudence

Muslim Law & Jurisprudence has traditionally been a rewarding subject in CSS examination. Many top position-holders had opted for this subject due to its distinction of consistently yielding high scores. The previous scheme of CSS exam for Muslim Law & Jurisprudence has been not elaborately defined; however, it has been done now through the changes to the CSS syllabi announced …

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Why International Law?

International Law for CSS

The subject of International Law has gone through tremendous evolution in both substantive and institutional terms. There is virtually no area of international interest, which is not, one way or the other, governed by international law. While the subject was initially conceived of as a tool to govern the relations among States, it has now developed into an impenetrable web …

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British History

Briish History for CSS

British History has been an invariably good scoring subject in CSS. This subject has the distinction of being the top choice of those achieving higher merits. The reason of its popularity, apart from scores, is the study of major political developments of last four centuries; an understanding of the evolution and foundations of modern institutions of world including democracy, capitalism, …

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History Of Pakistan & India

History Pakistan and India

After the recent revision of the syllabus of History of Pakistan & India, the aspirants of CSS are perplexed whether to choose this subject or not. This confusion is understandable given the significant impact that the revision has on the scope of this subject. The FPSC has squeezed this subject of 200 marks into 100 marks. This means that the …

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Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law for CSS

Constitutional law has been the top choice of CSS aspirants among all optional subjects. Preparing for it has been as easy as pie for the aspirants especially for those having the law background. Although some changes have been introduced in the revised of syllabi for CSS onwards, yet these have been for the better. The thing which most students may …

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Public Administration

Public Administration

┬áIn fact, the new syllabus is an endeavour to elaborate the characteristics of each topic in the light of modern trends of public management as acquired through research, and are widely practiced the world over. The CSS aspirants, especially those who are still confused about selecting their optional subjects, should go through, at least once, the contents of the subject …

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