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Livestock development in Punjab stagnant for over a decade: WB

Faisal Ali Ghumman LAHORE: Livestock development in Punjab has been largely stagnant over the past decade, with production increase coming from herd size expansion rather than productivity increase, a World Bank brief noted recently. The World Bank’s observation, under its upcoming fresh loan programme ‘Strengthening Markets for Agriculture and Rural Transformation in Punjab (SMART Punjab)-Programme for Results (PforR)’, notes that …

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Our local government problem

Shahmir Hamid The military has promoted grassroots democracy and stifled political activity, whereas civilians have resisted devolving authority and espoused democracy Local governments have always been an inherent part of our governance system. Before the arrival of the British in India, there had been an elementary system of ‘panchayats’ and ‘village heads’ in the rural areas that had been operating …

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CPEC: Boon for adept and bane for inept

By Mansoor Ahmad LAHORE: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is acclaimed by all as a great economic opportunity; however, there are some pessimists, who are pointing out fault lines in the concept because the opening of this landmark trade and investment avenue would expose their inefficiencies. Local engineers, for instance complain they have been sidelined, in many infrastructure projects, in the …

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Constitutionality of regulatory authorities

Amjad Bhatti The government’s recent move to reallocate the administrative control of five key regulatory authorities form the cabinet division to the respective line ministries has stirred a constitutional debate in the Upper House, the Senate of Pakistan. Senators from treasury and opposition benches have been opposing interpretations of the decision made by the prime minister on December 19. The …

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Sustainable development in Balochistan

Ahad Nazir, Fazal Bukhari, Shujaat Ahmed, Vaqar Ahmed Development plans should focus on inclusive economic growth, social justice, and protection of environment and natural resources Nations have been called narrations by humanists. Benedict Anderson famously called nation, “an imagined community.” Derek Walcott called “imagination” his nation. The idea of Pakistan, too, is an imagination and a narration. The Pakistani state …

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Welfare in the 21st century

By Shahid Mehmood Welfare and welfare states have been constants in the socio-economic affairs of modern-day nation states, at least from the time of Otto Von Bismarck’s Germany (formerly Prussia). Since then, there has been a gradual move towards establishing a welfare-oriented state. One of the major attractions of the industrialised West – for those who migrate to these regions …

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Changing Asian geopolitics

By Imtiaz Rafi Butt “Higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, stronger than steel, dearer than eyesight and sweeter than honey”, these are the words that have been spoken time and again, commemorating the prestigious alliance between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Peoples Republic of China. As unusual as it sounds, today, it is a reality that …

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The wheels of social and economic change

By Tehreem Husain NORTHAMPTON: Recent news of China’s rail-freight service to Britain has caught global attention and brought railways as a source of transportation back into the limelight. The train will cover more than 12,000 km (7,500 miles) and pass through 14 European cities before reaching London in a passage of 18 days. The freight train not only offers a cheaper …

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Contrasting trends in Pakistan’s economy

By IKRAM HOTI ISLAMABAD: Exports are going down whereas stocks are repeatedly breaking all-time high records on the KSE 100-share Index. Does this contrasting situation worrisome for the observers of Pakistan’s economy? Many wonder how this is happening simultaneously. The factors that leave an impact on exports and stocks differ from each other. Exports mostly bank on the demand and supply …

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Relying on the Chinese support

By Shahid Javed Burki Ever since it gained independence, Pakistan has relied on foreign savings to fuel domestic economic development. This came mostly in the form of assistance from the US and from the international financial institutions under the influence of Washington. In the 2000s, Pakistan became a partner in President George W Bush’s “war on terrorism.” Now in the …

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