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The messy, brilliant life of Pablo Neruda (Book Review)

The messy, brilliant life of Pablo Neruda

Few poets offer their biographers as rich a vein of material as the Chilean Nobel Prize-winner Pablo Neruda . Born in Parral, Chile, in 1904, Neruda transcended his modest origins and provincial upbringing to achieve success and significance far beyond the dreams of most writers . Books like “Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair,” “Residence on Earth ” …

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If one tries to trace the history of creation of Pakistan, one will have to retread one’s steps till the eventful year of 1906 when All India Muslim League was founded. After many ups and downs, a new chapter opened on 23rd March 1940 with the passage of the Lahore Resolution. The results of 1946 elections were almost a guarantee …

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Rake’s Progress: A Look at the Well-Traveled Casanova

By Laurence Bergreen Illustrated. 519 pp. Simon & Schuster. $32.50. I have lived as a philosopher, and I die as a Christian.” These were, supposedly, the last words of Giacomo Casanova, the 18th century’s most infamous adventurer, trickster, gambler and libertine. It is just the sort of thing he would have said, for he was a master of self-justification. Defending …

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Gathering Storm: A History of the Complicated U.S.-China Relationship Since 1776

By SIMON WINCHESTER THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY AND THE MIDDLE KINGDOM America and China, 1776 to the Present By John Pomfret Illustrated. 693 pp. Henry Holt & Company. $40. Donald Trump (or his next secretary of state) would be well advised to read this timely and comprehensively informative book, since no foreign topic will engage the 45th president more acutely than …

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The Euro And Its Threat to the Future of Europe (Book Review)

The Euro And Its Threat to the Future of Europe

by Joseph Stiglitz There have been around 70 currency unions which have broken up since the end of the Second World War. More has been written about euro than all the other currency unions put together primarily is because it is an unnatural creation. It was a step toward political union rather than a natural consequence of a political union …

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Practical Solutions to Inequality and Corruption

THE FIXHow Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in DeclineBy Jonathan Tepperman307 pp. Tim Duggan Books. $28. The timing of this book could not be better. Big Think has run into a ditch. No one appears to agree on fundamental ideas about governing anymore, and we’re not even sure what we’re arguing about. The grand ideological debates of the …

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World Order by Henry Kissinger

The author’s own orchestration of the opening of relations with China gives an extra piquancy to his views on Iran: if the US can engage with one isolated regional superpower, why not another? No clash of civilisations or end of history – this argument for a balance of power is the summation of Kissinger’s thinking Western politicians who last year …

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Book Review – Pakistan and World Affairs

Mr Shamshad suggests that “if our civilian rulers had been steadfast in their own commitment to constitutional supremacy, rule of law, independence of judiciary, separation of powers, and institutional integrity, no military dictator would have had dared a breach of his own constitutional oath”. “Pakistan and World Affairs” is a book penned by Mr Shamshad Ahmad, a renowned civil servant …

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‘Essays on Contemporary Crime prevention’

This book is a compilation of my research on criminology that was done in Australia, along with the 20-year experience of policing in Pakistan though these were not, primarily, written for publishing in form of a book. These essays are the outcome of my laborious work on criminology-related concepts. Being the writer, I was well-aware of the level and importance …

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Psychological Assessment & Interview Guide I

Highlights   Interviews Preparing Interview Questions Competitive Exams (CSS, PMS, PCS) Interviews Psychological Examination The Panel Interview Study Material for Interview Dos and Don’ts for an Interview Tips by Toppers Mock Interviews

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