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    hope you and your team is absolutely fine, i have requested you to be the member of your website in order to view full articles. am one of aspirant fr css inshALLAH 2016, please allow me to make account here ,request has already been sent. you and all members are working awsome job.

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    Send me ur contact no… plz I want to subscribe to da magazine

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    M Faisal Ali Abbasi


    how i contact You ?
    i am in tens regarding optional subject choice ? as i am fresh applicant of CSS
    please contact me soon

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    Please send me your contact number as I want to subscribe monthly magazine at my home.

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    kindly convey annual subscription procedure of Magazine

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    salam sir… I have subscribed jwt hard copy and it is mentioned there that I can access it online free. how can I get that access. kindly help me out. thanx

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    Dear World Times,

    Can you please give me the contact number for me to get the information about the new batch starting for css preparation and related things.


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    If I subscribe JWT magazine hard copy then the subscription of website will be free for me? The reason why I am asking this question is because someone have already queried about his free online access of the website as he had already subscribed for the hard copy. So can I also get free access to the website provided if I subscribe for the magazine?

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      annual Rs. 3300 for one year heard copy subscription with free home delivery and online access

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        Thank you Sir. Where do I contact for the subscription of the hard copy?

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          Sir please there are a lot of people to get answer about it. where we have to contact for subscriptions and what will be the procedure for submission of that fee. kindly reply,. time is precious.

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    yahya rahman hashmi

    please subscribe me for monthly magazine . as i wana get it at my door step!

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    Please give me an email address where i can send my editorial to publish in JWT magzine

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    syed Hasham ali shah

    Hello ! hope u will be at full swing of your life i just wanna know about your academy i wanna join it kindly share fee structure with me
    thanking you and regards

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    Qurat ul Ain Habib

    When will the session start this year? what will be the charges and timings?

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    how can i avail permanent home delivery of jahangir world times

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    how can i avail home delivery of jahangir world times

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