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CSS 2018, Some Effective Tips on Preparation

CSS 2018, Some Effective Tips on Preparation

Exams of CSS 2017 are over. It is high time aspirants started their preparations for CSS 2018 exam. With reference to CSS preparation, aspirants are often confronted with a very basic question i.e. where to start from? In fact, the answer to this question is neither simple nor easily understandable. It involves a meticulous planning before one starts preparing the things for an exam as unpredictable as CSS. Given below are some tips that can be helpful in the preparation for CSS 2018 exam.


When should one start the preparation?

It is highly recommended that you start preparation for essay paper at the earliest. If a study time of 1-2 hours a day is reserved for essay from now on, you can easily prepare it before the exam, even if the things are to be started from the very basic.

Is it possible to prepare Essay without consulting a mentor?

The answer is: No. Essay paper is too tricky to be prepared without proper guidance. By this, I do not, at all, mean that one must join some academy or consult a teacher; one can seek guidance even from a CSP, a friend or a relative. However, you must ensure that this guidance is available on a daily basis.

Why do candidates fail essay paper?

Candidates fail essay paper usually because they don’t know the requirements of passing it. There are three basic ingredients of an essay: material, language and presentation. More often than not, aspirants focus only on one aspect i.e. language, to the detriment of the other two as these aspects are completely overlooked or neglected. The examiner, while evaluating the paper, satisfies himself with all the three aforementioned aspects and then awards passing marks to a candidate. When he finds that the essay is deficient in one or more aspects, he is not left with any option but to fail the candidate.

What should be done to improve the material of the Essay?

Basically, three things are required to be there in essay with reference to material aspect: the material should be sufficient, it should be relevant, and it should be reasonable with reference to quality. As far as the quantity of the material is concerned, it should, at least, meet the minimum word demand. In terms of pages, normally, 22-24 pages of A4 size are the minimum requirement of an average-sized essay. Similarly, the material should be in consonance with the demands of the topic. The quality of the material is gauged through the use of reference, data, quotes and other such facts and figures. An essay should look like a well-researched thesis; otherwise, it will not let your dream of being a CSP come true.

How can the language of the essay be improved?

There are many qualities on the basis of which the language skills used in an essay are evaluated. Correct use of grammar, suitable use of vocabulary and idioms, and clarity of expression are some of them. Language skills can be improved through practice and by seeking guidance from some good English language mentor.

What should be done to improve the presentation skills?

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