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Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Immensely Important for a Developed Pakistan

1. Introduction
2. Gender equality and its ingredients

  • Definition
  • Ingredients of gender equality

3. An overview of the situation of gender equality at global level

  • Situation in developed countries
  • Situation in underdeveloped countries
  • References from difference reports

4. Situation of gender equality in Pakistan

  • Situation in urban areas
  • Situation if rural areas
  • Situation in FATA
  • Situation in Balochistan

5. Importance of gender equality for the development of Pakistan

a. Gender equality and the political development in Pakistan

  • Improvement in the provision of fundamental rights
  • Better image of the state at international level
  • Sustenance and better performance of democracy
  • Spread of political awareness

b. Gender equality and social development of Pakistan

  • Improved literacy rate
  • Population control
  • Decrease in crime rate
  • Better conditions of health and hygiene in the society
  • Improvement in living standard of the people
  • Inculcation of moral values in the next generations

c. Gender equality and economic development of Pakistan

  • Availability of more and better workforce
  • Enhancement in GDP growth rate
  • Increase in tax revenue of the state
  • Increase in circulation of money

d. Gender equality and administrative development of Pakistan

  • Positive impacts on institutional environment because of gender balance
  • Utilization of untapped skill and talent

6. Causes of gender imbalance in Pakistan

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About Asim Raza

The writer is a PAS officer from 38th CTP, currently serving as Director Admin & Finance, Gilgit Development Authority. He can be reached at:

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