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National & International MCQs ( Oct-Nov 2017 )

National & International MCQs ( Oct-Nov 2017 )


1. On Oct 16, representatives of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and the US met in ______, to rejuvenate the Quadrilateral Coordination Group.
(a) Moscow        (b) Muscat
(c) Beijing          (d) Islamabad

2. On Oct 16, ______ won a seat in the United Nations Human Rights Council for the Asia-Pacific group.
(a) Qatar          (b) Pakistan
(c) India           (d) China

3. On Oct 17, ______ became the first Pakistani to win the World Grand Masters title.
(a) Khalil Ahmad                   (b) Syed Ali Ahmad
(c) Mahmood Lodhi        (d) Zohaib Hassan

4. On ______, the federal cabinet decided to go ahead with delimitation of constituencies on the basis of provisional census data.
(a) Oct 16         (b) Oct 18
(c) Oct 19         (d) Oct 20

5. As per data released by the ECP, there are ______ registered voters in the country.
(a) 87 million          (b) 89 million
(c) 94 million          (d) 97 million

6. On ______, former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, his daughter and son-in-law were indicted in the London properties reference.
(a) Oct 17               (b) Oct 19
(c) Oct 22              (d) Oct 24

7. On Oct 19, ______ was appointed the Inspector General Balochistan Police.
(a) Bashir Ahmad
(b) Moazzam Jah Ansari
(c) Raja Umar Khitab
(d) Sardar Abdul Majeed

8. ______ represented Pakistan at the 9th summit of the D-8 held in Istanbul on Oct 20.
(a) President                      (b) Foreign Minister
(c) Interior Minister         (d) Prime Minister

9. On Oct 20, Prof. Shahida Hasnain of ______ was named co-laureate of the UNESCO Carlos J. Finlay Prize 2017 for microbiology.
(a) PU                  (b) QAU
(c) NUST              (d) IBA

10. On Oct 20, ______ rated Pakistan in top five highest private participation investment (PPI) countries.
(a) Moody’s            (b) World Bank
(c) IMF                    (d) ADB

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