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Coding Decoding Questions (GSA)

Coding Decoding Questions (GSA)

1. If TAP is coded as SZO, then how is FREEZE coded?
(a) ATSSTS               (b) ESDDYD
(c) EQDDYD         (d) EQDDZD

2. In a certain code, SUKKUR is written as TTLJVQ, how is TRAINING written in that code?
(a) UQBHOHOF        (b) UQBHOIOF
(c) UQBHOHOI             (d) SQBHOHOF

3. In a certain code, MENTION is written as LNEITNO. How is PATTERN written in that code?
(a) OTAESNR          (b) OTAETNR
(c) DSTAETNR        (d) ATAETNR

4. In a certain language, LAHORE is coded as MBIPSF, how is KARACHI coded in that code?
(a) LBSBDIJ          (b) CPNCBX
(c) DPNCBX              (d) DPNCBZ

5. In a certain code, TRIPPLE is written as SQHOOKD. How is DISPOSE written in that code?
(a) EJTQPTF         (b) EJTQPTG
(c) CHRPNRD       (d) CHRONRD

6. In a certain code, TOGETHER is written as RQEGRJCT. In the same code, PAROLE will be written as:
(a) RCPQJG              (b) NCPQJC
(c) NCPQJG           (d) RYPQJG

7. If JOSEPH is coded as FKOALD, then GEORGE will be coded as:
(a) CAKNCA         (b) CBKNCA
(c) CALNCA             (d) HAKNCA

8. If COOL is coded as DQRP, then what will be the code for HOT?
(a) IQW               (b) JQW
(c) IPW                  (d) IQX

9. If COMPLETED is coded as MOCELPDET, then DIRECTION will be coded as:

10. If in a certain language, COUNSEL is coded as BITIRAK, how is GUIDANCE written in that code?
(a) EOHYZJBB              (b) FOIYZJBB
(c) FOHYZJBB          (d) HOFIHBC

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