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Letters to the Editor (November 2017)

Letters to the Editor (November 2017)

Balochistan Needs A Cancer Hospital

In this era of technological advancement, it is regretted that Balochistan, the country’s biggest province in terms of area, is deprived of a state-of-the-art cancer hospital. The number of cancer patients in the province is quite high. Every year, many cancer patients die due to non-availability of a cancer hospital in the province. More than half the population of Balochistan lives below the poverty line. These people do not have enough resources to go to other cities for proper treatment. It now rests with the government to take notice of this serious issue and to provide a well-equipped hospital to the people of Balochistan. It must take serious measures for the establishment of such a facility in the province.

Ubaid Zehri (Khuzdar)

Save Forests, Save Life

Forests are the lifeline of an eco-system. Special care is needed for their conservation because they are the prime sources of our survival as they provide us with oxygen we breathe in. Today’s world is bulging at high pace and the population growth is on peak. Resultantly, forest conversion is practiced to meet the growing needs of people i.e. provision and habitation. Cost of deforestation is very high; not only for the diverse species of the nature but also for sustainable living. Moreover, beauty of the earth is contaminated by clearance of the forests. So, it is wise to gauge the value of such natural assets before scrape them for senseless purposes.

Engr. ShahZeb Abro (Shikarpur)

Harassment of Women in Sports

Harassment of women is gradually becoming a common practice in our society. Unluckily, women get only one option while they are harassed, that is, to keep silent. Nowadays, harassment has spread its tentacles in sports as well. After a female cricket player accused her coach for harassment, a former hockey player Syeda Sadia has also come up with a complaint that she was assaulted by her head coach. But as usual no serious attention is being paid to her words; probably, because she is a woman. I feel that her life is in danger as we have already seen that former cricketer Haleema Rafiq committed suicide because her words were disparagingly taken as fictional. Sports give the message of peace and unity; so, we must address the genuine grievances before it is too late and before families refuse to send their daughters to sports field.

Ali Jan Naz Delta

A Saudi Arabian Lesson for Pakistan

Newly-crowned Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, has vowed to eliminate extremism from his country. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has called these reforms as the emergence of Islamic modernism in the state. Saudi Arabia till now has been known as a country practicing purely an Islamic conservative ideology that, according to the West, preached and promoted extremist narratives across the world. The Islamic conservative status quo of Saudi Arabia can be analysed from its activism in the past when the House of Saud paid millions of dollars to halt the domino affects of Iranian influence during 1979. In every way and in every form, Saudi rulers have advocated stereotype thinking and conservatism. The present era of Saudi kingdom belongs to the young and energetic Prince who wants to end extremism. Installation of modernity in the Arabian peninsula carries the symbolic message for Pakistan.

A number of parties with extremist inclinations are operational within Pakistan due to which extremism is permeating the society – even in university campuses. If a hardcore Islamic country can work to eradicate extremism from the country, why can’t we? Jinnah had envisioned a modern Islamic state where people of all faiths and beliefs would live in peace. We must work to make Pakistan a moderate state where extremism has no place.

Syed Waqar Hussain (Larkana)

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