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Rome was not built in a day

Rome was not built in a day

A mother caresses her child; mollycoddles him every day. A father tackles his child’s mood swings daily; moves heaven and earth to fulfil his demands. Years after years, they make him sentient of his very role as an individual in this world. One day, he becomes cognizant of his duty as a responsible and learned member of the society. You see, the child does not get eminence without sweat-taking days and nights of his parents. This entire period is all about time-tested endeavours, unswerving determination and infinite patience on the part of his parents. Only then, he becomes an individual imbued with a passion for self-actualization that best smacks of Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ theory which suggests that when a person’s rudimentary needs of life are fulfilled, he seeks self-actualization, which simply means ‘What a man can be, he must be’. He starts working harder to be in the limelight and makes all endeavours to reach for the skies.

Rome is famous for its timeless beauty. Romans were a leading-edge nation, excelling in medicine, education, military and other disciplines. With its history spanning over 28 centuries, it is fail-safe to say that Rome was not built in a day. It reached its zenith and got prominence only after toils of its inhabitants for years and years.

Man gets depressed at times when he feels that everyone is ahead of him in the race of life; when all his efforts feel worthless to him; when success seems a pipe dream and when life throws lemons everywhere, but he is unable to make the lemonade. This makes him disconsolate and saps his energy and motivation to move forward. But, in these times of distress, he should be mindful of the fact: ‘It is always darkest just before dawn.”

The days of doom and gloom seem longer and destination farther but with temperament and determination, one is blessed with the success one day.

Superpowers like the United States have also experienced days of misery. ‘Great Depression (1929-1939)’ explicates the sorry state of affairs Uncle Sam had to face. The economy stumbled and sagged so much that the public went into a state of famine. Hoovervilles was the talk of the town. Then appeared Franklin D. Roosevelt on the scene, and propounded the radical idea of the ‘New Deal’ that was all about 3R’s – Relief, Recovery and Reform. China also embodies the same case. In the days of tribulation, Mao Tsetung advised his countrymen to grow their own veggies and not to beg from other states, even if they had to eat grass. They worked so hard that today they are an emerging superpower in the world. Projects like One Belt, One Road (OBOR) are a boon for the rising Chinese economy.

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