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Barriers to Girls’ Education in Pakistan

Barriers to Girls

On Nov 13, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) released its new report titled “Shall I feed my daughter or educate her: Barriers to girls’ education in Pakistan”. It concluded that many girls simply had no access to education, including, inter alia, a shortage of government schools — especially for girls. Among the factors keeping girls out of school, the report found, were the government’s under-investment in schools, lack of schools, prohibitive school fees and related costs, corporal punishment and a failure to enforce compulsory education. Here are the key recommendations made in the report:

Key Recommendations

To the Federal Government of Pakistan

1. Increase expenditure on education in line with UNESCO-recommended levels needed to fulfil obligations related to the right to education.

2. Strengthen oversight of provincial education systems’ progress toward achieving parity between girls and boys and universal primary and secondary education for all children, by requiring provinces provide accurate data on girls’ education, monitoring enrolment and attendance by girls, and setting targets in each province.

3. Strengthen the federal government’s role in assisting provincial governments in provision of education, with the goal of ending gender disparities in all provinces.

4. Work with provincial governments to improve the quality of government schools and quality assurance of private schools.

5. Raise the national minimum age of marriage to 18 with no exceptions and develop and implement a national action plan to end child marriage, with the goal of ending all child marriage by 2030, as per Sustainable Development Goal target 5.3.

6. Endorse and implement the Safe Schools Declaration, an international political agreement to protect schools, teachers and students during armed conflict.

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