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Plans for Redrawing the Middle East

Middle East

Overlapping of Anglo-American-Israeli Agenda

The term “New Middle East” was introduced to the world in June 2006 in Tel Aviv by the then US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who coined it as a replacement of the older and more imposing term: the “Greater Middle East.”

This shift in foreign policy phraseology coincided with the inauguration of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean. The term and conceptualization of the “New Middle East” was subsequently heralded by the US Secretary of State and the Israeli Prime Minister at the height of the Anglo-American-sponsored Israeli siege of Lebanon. Prime Minister Olmert and Secretary Rice had informed the international media that a project for a “New Middle East” was being launched from Lebanon.

This announcement was a confirmation of an Anglo-American-Israeli “military roadmap” in the Middle East. This project, which has been in the planning stages for several years, consists in creating an arc of instability, chaos and violence extending from Lebanon, Palestine and Syria to Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran and the borders of NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan.

The “New Middle East” project was introduced with the expectation that Lebanon would be the pressure point for realigning the whole Middle East and thereby unleashing the forces of “constructive chaos.” This “constructive chaos,” which generates conditions of violence and warfare throughout the region, would, in turn, be used so that the United States, Great Britain and Israel could redraw the map of the Middle East in accordance with their geo-strategic needs and objectives.

New Middle East Map

Secretary Condoleezza Rice stated that “[w]hat we’re seeing here [Israeli attacks on Lebanon and country’s resultant destruction], in a sense, is the ‘birth pangs’ of a ‘New Middle East’ and whatever we [the United States] do, we have to be certain that we’re pushing forward to the New Middle East [and] not going back to the old one.” Secretary Rice was immediately criticized for her statements both within Lebanon and internationally for expressing indifference to the suffering of an entire nation, which was being bombed indiscriminately by the Israeli Air Force.

The Anglo-American Military Roadmap in the Middle East and Central Asia

Condoleezza Rice’s speech on the “New Middle East” had set the stage. The Israeli attacks on Lebanon further validated the existence of the geo-strategic objectives of the United States, Britain and Israel. According to Professor Mark Levine the “neo-liberal globalizers and neo-conservatives, and ultimately the Bush Administration, would latch on to creative destruction as a way of describing the process by which they hoped to create their new world orders,” and that “creative destruction [in] the United States was, in the words of neo-conservative philosopher and Bush adviser Michael Ledeen, ‘an awesome revolutionary force’ for (…) creative destruction…”Anglo-American occupied Iraq, particularly Iraqi Kurdistan, seems to be the preparatory ground for the balkanization and finlandization of the Middle East. Already the legislative framework, under the Iraqi Parliament and the name of Iraqi federalization, for the partition of Iraq into three portions is being drawn out.

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