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7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

“The secret to change is one step at a time.” —Mark Twain

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who accept their life, and those who lead their life. Some people just get up, look at their life and hope something good will happen but the people falling in the second category believe in “I can and I must achieve what I want to.” Here are seven important steps that will help you achieve your dreams:

1. Start with the end in mind

Determine your goals and ask yourself: Where do I want to be next year? What do I need to do to accomplish these goals? Your answers instantly become your learning agenda.

2. Assess the skills or knowledge you’ll need

Some goals won’t require new skills or knowledge, but others will. What specific skills are needed to make your dream(s) come true? What skills that you already possess would you like to improve by 25 percent within the next year?

3. Explore the best sources

Is it going back to school? Enrolling in a training course offered by your employer? Developing a relationship with mentors and/or co-workers who can teach you skills or give you insights? Look for that optimal source for every skill you decide you need to learn.

4. Create your learning agenda

You now have the information, so start creating your learning plan. It should lay out the skills and knowledge you need to acquire. It should include a timeline of where and when you will go about it. And it should be in writing, on no more than one page. It’s too easy to lose your “ball” in the weeds.

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