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The Propaganda War Against Pakistan’s Military

The Propaganda War Against Pakistan's Military

By: Atta Rasool Malik 

There is an Arabian proverb which means that “a man’s greatness can be measured by the quality of his enemies.” Noted Urdu poet Nida Fazli (1938–2016) simplified it further: “He has a lot of enemies; the man must be good.” Assessing the Pakistani military and its premier intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), using the aforesaid criterion, it appears to be good, and worthy of analysis.

There is a lot of disinformation concerning Pakistan’s armed forces and ISI coming from some domestic and foreign media houses. In the eyes of the Indian lobby, all terrorist activities in the world are first cleared by ISI. All the warlords, smugglers, drug pushers and other denizens of the global underworld are on the payroll of ISI. The many US think tanks and “intellectuals” argue that ISI has failed Nato in Afghanistan, is prepared to sell nuclear bombs, and is busily engineering multipolarity in the international system.

A few politicians and liberals in Pakistan have also started embracing such ideas. Many want to garner international support by criticizing Pakistan’s armed forces. They have started accusing ISI of making and breaking political parties through coercion, and that it is indirectly responsible for the misgovernance of the country. For the first time, a lot of criticism is coming from Punjab. The ruling party PML (N) has made restoring “the sanctity of vote” its top priority for the next election, implying tighter controls on the judiciary and the armed forces.

At present, India is being ruled by radical Hindus. The BJP is vigorously furthering the RSS agenda of Hinduvata. It is a national project to culturally, if not religiously, Hinduize Indian Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits and other religious and ethnic minorities. Indians demonize Pakistan because it has effectively resisted Hindu domination and stood up for minorities in all forums. Consequently, the BJP-led government has resorted to assertive lobbying and media campaigns against Pakistan to divert world attention from its brutal suppression of the Naxalite, Nagaland and Kashmir insurgencies.

Indians also exploit the interest of multinational companies (MNCs) in its huge consumer market. Election campaigns in the US and Europe are mostly funded by these MNCs, hence the beneficiary politicians of those countries are discouraged from criticizing India.

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