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The Curse of divorce

The Curse of divorce

A burning issue that must be addressed immediately

Pakistan is a country where marriage is considered sacred, due to the religion of choice, which is Islam. Islam teaches Muslims to not opt for the way of divorce and work to rebuild the relation between husband and wife. However, the increasing rate of divorces in Pakistan is an alarming trend.

With every passing day, liberalism and modernism are making great headways and their public acceptance is soaring to unprecedented heights. However, this rise has negatively impacted, like many other fields of human activity, our social values, and one manifestation of it is the high number of divorces per year in Pakistan. Several surveys and independent researchers have found a steep rise in the number of couples coming to courts or using other means to get divorced. According to data, 13,299 Khula cases were reported in the Punjab province in 2012; the number later rose to 14,243 in 2013, and in 2014, it went up to 16,942. In 2016, it soared to 18,901.

A decade ago one out of every thousand Pakistani couples was seeking divorce. However, the figure has gone up 13 times in 2017. And, as per data available, now thirteen out of thousand couples want separation. Divorce rates among people living in cities are far higher than those in people living in rural areas. In Punjab’s capital, Lahore, for instance, 7,525 cases of divorce were filed in 2016, as compared to 5245 in 2015. Faisalabad, now officially the third largest city of Pakistan, registered two thousand couples filing for divorce in 2016, as compared to 900 in 2010. The trend is pretty much similar in other major cities of the country.

The problem of divorce is becoming no less than an epidemic but often we ignore the underlying causes. There are many reasons behind the curse of divorce including, but not limited to, hypersexuality, lack of patience, being away from Islamic teachings, inferiority complex, sharing personal matters with others, lack of understanding and trust, love marriage, financial barriers and disregard for social values. Let’s have a look at them briefly:

The first reason is the hypersexuality that is prevalent in Pakistani youth. In 2017, a survey found Pakistan at 4th place in terms of interest in porn as it revealed that almost 66 percent of boys in Pakistan start watching porn at the age of nine with an average of seven hours a week. In addition, 30 percent boys watch violent porn including, on an average, 19 rapes per week. Shamefully, nearly 1.7 lakh new young men start watching rapes each year. It means by the time they enter the degree course, they would have watched nearly 4900 rapes. Pornography also leads to paedophilia and other unnatural sex addictions.

Some experts opine that the brutality women are subjected to in sexual assault, gives men the false pride that women are at their mercy and hence it further escalates domestic violence which is another leading cause for divorce in our country.

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