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Happiness depends upon ourselves. “Happiness is an expression of the soul in considered activities.” (Aristotle)

Happiness is a choice we make. If it stems from within, it has purity and sustainability. If it is induced by external factors, it shall not only be bound by confines of time, but shall also remain enslaved and hostage to the factor. External conditions change with rapidity. As such, happiness is not likely to reside inside you with permanence, but it shall change and alter to suit externality.

Happiness must not be nurtured by the surrounding environment. Instead, it must emerge from the deepest corners of the heart or inner-being; only then it shall have the quality of permanence and joy.

Happiness is never alone. None can remain in denial that unhappiness is always in pursuit of happiness to achieve dominance over it. Unhappiness is never afar, it is always close to the heels, like a Siamese twin.

To achieve, how does one feed the state of happiness for longevity? The foremost thing is to allow oneself the magnanimity of acceptance that not all things in life are equal. Nature maintains balance but does not offer equality. Some have more of everything and some have less of everything. The ‘more’ and the ‘less’ can be both the material and the non-material. The material world would include visible endowments of economic assets, while the non-material would comprise abilities, faculties, inherent skills, innate talent and other mostly non-quantifiable traits, that make a persona.

We come across some people who are naturally and without any identifiable or quantifiable reason to be cheerful and gregarious all the time. It is this class of people who are blessed with this amazing trait to find an island of happiness in the vast ocean of unhappiness.

We just need to recognize elements that give us boost of happiness. We need to put to regular use ‘actions’ that beget happiness to us. An act of ‘giving’ too many is a fountain of joy and happiness. And by doing so repeatedly, you only improve the quality of your happiness.

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