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National & International MCQs (Sep-Oct 2018)

National & International MCQs


1. On Sep 16, British Pakistani boxer______ became the first boxer with type-one diabetes to win a professional fight.
(a) Mahmood Khan       (b) Atif Khan
(c) Jamal Khattak          (d) Muhammad Ali

2. The topic of the short story that won Zahra Hussain the first prize in an essay competition organized by the British Royal Commonwealth Society, was ______.
(a) An Odd Company        (b) Our Common World
(c) Hues of Red              (d) Inheritance

3. On ______, the ‘UK-Pakistan Justice and Accountability Partnership’, which would work towards repatriation of illicit finances, recovery of stolen assets and putting a check on money laundering, was launched.
(a) Sep 16              (b) Sep 17
(c) Sep 18              (d) Sep 20

4. On Sep 17, PTI’s Ali Muhammad Khan took oath as minister of state for______.
(a) Parliamentary Affairs
(b) Defence Production
(c) Interior                     (d) Finance

5. On Sep 17, ____ won the 3rd national ranking snooker championship.
(a) Saeed Ali                    (b) Asif Toba
(c) Rehman Khan           (d) Babar Masih

6. Finance Minister Asad Umar presented a supplementary budget of the PTI government on ______.
(a) Sep 16                (b) Sep 17
(c) Sep 18             (d) Sep 19

7. On Sep 19, ______ removed former finance minister Ishaq Dar from the chairmanship of the BoG of the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.
(a) Governor Punjab         (b) Supreme Court
(c) President                        (d) LHC

8. On Sep 19, Punjab and ______ agreed on joint initiatives for the awareness and cure of diabetes in Punjab.
(a) Denmark         (b) Sweden
(c) Latvia                   (d) China

9. On Sep 19, ______ suspended the sentences given to Mian Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Capt Safdar.
(a) LHC                    (b) Supreme Court
(c) SHC                    (d) IHC

10. On Sep 20, Pakistan was once again elected as a member of BoG of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for ______ time.
(a) 18th                (b) 19th
(c) 20th             (d) 24th

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