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How to Read Newspapers for CSS Exam

How to Read Newspapers for CSS Exam

Reading good newspapers – both English and Urdu – is considered an indispensable tool to prepare for the CSS examination. But, reading those in such a way that one gets only the relevant information is really an art that one should master to ensure one’s success in the prestigious CSS exam. For the greater benefit of aspirants, Team JWT, after consulting veteran teachers and top position holders of the recent years, brings some very effective techniques of, and tips for, reading a newspaper for gaining maximum relevant knowledge for competitive exams.

A newspaper generally contains information about different issues and topics. Many of these issues might not be as relevant for CSS preparation. Therefore, it is important to cultivate a habit of making a selective reading of a newspaper. It is also very important to know that examiners for CSS do not bother about the political tussles and non-decisive debates newspapers are brimmed with these days. Although these developments are important in understanding the contemporary political scenario of the country, it is futile to spend enormous amount of time in making an in-depth study of these issues. Thus, an aspirant should glide through the articles and news relating to the political developments inside and outside of the country.

The most pertinent question that will, surely, arise in your mind is: How to read only those segments of a newspaper that are relevant to the CSS exam? Here are a few tips in this regard:

First of all, treat a newspaper like a textbook. It means, when you sit down to read one, you must have a pen and paper at hand to jot down important points. The newspaper is not to be read like a novel, i.e. in a leisurely manner! You must devote at least one hour daily to cover all aspects of the newspaper comprehensively. And, you should further divide this time to read all the relevant segments. Most newspapers in Pakistan are divided into the following sections:

1. Front Page                           2. National News
3. Editorial and Opinion      4. International News
5. Business News                   6. Sports
7. Local News

1. Front Page

The front page is reserved for the most important news. This page covers 5-6 important news of the day. You need to quickly run through those. You can read news in detail for important one, and just go through heading for non-important one. For example, news related to national, international and business and economy should be given priority here. News like “Supreme Court forms JIT to probe Rs 35 billion mega corruption case” can be skipped because the process to find out corruption has not concluded yet.

Remember, some newspapers nowadays devote large spaces in the front page to cover sensationalist news. So, you need to be good at identifying the important part and filtering out the irrelevant one.

Secondly, while reading newspaper, mark difficult words in news items and articles. Then, after you are done with the newspaper reading, try to find out the meanings of those words.


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