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National & International MCQs (Aug-Sep 2018)

Current Affairs MCQs


1. On Aug 16, PPP’s Syed Murad Ali Shah and PTI’s ____were elected as the chief ministers of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, respectively.
(a) Mahmood Khan         (b) Atif Khan
(c) Jamal Khattak                  (d) Shahram Tarakai

2. The current National Assembly is ______ in the country’s history.
(a) 14th        (b) 15th
(c) 16th         (d) 18th

3. On Aug 17, PTI’s Imran Khan was elected as the country’s ______ Prime Minister.
(a) 18th          (b) 20th
(c) 22nd       (d) 29th

4. On Aug 17, the air exercise of Pakistan Air Force named ______ concluded at Air Warfare School, Mushaf, in Sargodha.
(a) Shaheen VI       (b) Saffron Bandit
(c) High Mark         (d) Red Flag

5. On Aug 19, Jam Mir Kamal Khan, the grandson of Jam Ghulam Qadir, the last Jam of _____ was sworn in as the 16th Chief Minister of Balochistan.
(a) Kalat             (b) Kharan
(c) Lasbela     (d) Makran

6. Khan Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, the maternal grandfather of the incumbent CM Balochistan, was the last Khan of ______.
(a) Lasbela        (b) Kharan
(c) Kalat          (d) Makran

7. On Aug 19, Pakistan football team got its first victory in Asian Games after 44 years when they defeated ______.
(a) Nepal         (b) India
(c) Sri Lanka     (d) Bhutan

8. On Aug 19, PTI’s Usman Buzdar was elected as chief minister of Punjab by the ______ Punjab Assembly.
(a) 16th        (b) 17th
(c) 18th        (d) 19th

9. Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Najam Sethi resigned on ______.
(a) Aug 16        (b) Aug 17
(c) Aug 19        (d) Aug 20

10. The current commander of Pak Army’s 10 Corps (Rawalpindi) is ______.
(a) Lt Gen Nadeem Raza
(b) Lt Gen Shahid Baig Mirza
(c) Lt Gen Bilal Akbar
(d) Lt Gen Naeem Ashraf

11. The incumbent Chairman of Heavy Industries Taxila is ______.
(a) Lt Gen Naeem Ashraf
(b) Lt Gen Abdullah Dogar
(c) Lt Gen Shahid Baig Mirza
(d) Lt Gen Humayun Aziz

12. The Heavy Industries Taxila, one of the largest defence products manufacturer and a military industrial complex, was established in ______.
(a) 1971        (b) 1977
(c) 1985          (d) 1992

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