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Challenges Faced by the Muslim World

Challenges faced by the Muslim World


At present, the Muslim world, in general, is caught in a downward spiral. Its socio-cultural and politico-economic fabrics are shattered. Almost all Muslim countries are crying for peace and stability. With the emergence of the New World Oder, and the 9/11 episode, the conditions of the Muslim world further deteriorated. Presently, they are facing a plethora of serious problems in the form of misperceptions about Islam, negative thinking about Muslims in the world, botched interpretations of the noble concept of Jihad, sectarianism, lack of education, the menace of terrorism and last but not least the peril of extremism. These are some of the major problems that Muslim world is faced with today.

A glance at the Muslim world

At times, even a cursory glance at the Muslim world reveals everything as clear as crystal. Every country of the Muslim world is grappling with acute and mighty problems and crises like terrorism, extremism, political instability, economic backwardness, illiteracy and sectarianism. Presently, worst countries in the Muslim world in this regard are Iraq, Syria and Libya and Afghanistan, to a large extent.

New World Order and the 9/11 episode

The New World Oder and also the terrorist attacks of 9/11 changed the world’s socioeconomic and political outlook; especially, the latter has shaken the very foundations of the world community. After the 9/11 episode, the Muslim world became the core target of all the military campaigns launched, or spearheaded, by the United States. Aggressive US foreign policy led to invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. This interventionist policy pushed the Muslim world into the abyss of anarchy and chaos. Muslim countries are still unstable and in worse conditions. In other words, it won’t be an exaggeration to assert that the New World Oder turned into a Muslim World Disorder.

Challenges to the Muslim world

The global community has been formed in such a way that it is easy to exploit the withering state of the Muslim world so as to achieve some objectives of the colonial and imperialist powers. The Western world has tactfully and aptly used ‘War on Terror’ as a ploy to project their policies and to get their aims. The Muslim world, despite having huge natural resources of minerals and energy, is facing worst crises. Though it has been blessed with Islam as a uniting force, its identity is diminishing in the wake of many challenges some of which are as under:

1. Misperceptions about Islam

In the changed global atmosphere, particularly after 9/11, Islam is being perceived as a threat to the world peace. It is wrongly considered a religion having a medieval outlook, thus unsuitable to the modern world. The derogatory tags like fundamentalists, extremists, terrorists, etc., are being deliberately pasted on the Muslims by the Western media. This perception impeded the true message of Islam from being conveyed to the non-Muslims.

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