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Kashmir Issue

Kashmir Issue

Peace is the Key

The renewed wave of violence has brought the Kashmir issue, which had largely been eclipsed since the 9/11 attacks, back to the international radar. This has happened especially because Kashmir has become a global hotspot for major human rights violations. This is due to this fact that several international bodies are now openly calling for close scrutiny of human rights abuses, sustained repression and disproportionate use of force by India in the Kashmir valley. They are also highlighting the need for having peace in this part of the world because the stubborn attitude of India regarding this globally accepted political dispute and dealing with it only militarily has created death and destruction in whole state, and peace and harmony of the whole region is threatened. With the resolution of this issue, a new era of peace, stability and development will prevail not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in the whole South Asia.

Peace and security are sine qua non for any society, culture, economy and state to prosper and flourish. But, these are the terms that are virtually unknown to the Kashmiris. They have long been living under the tyranny of the Indian government who have been abusing all types of human rights of the Kashmiris since long. But, the year 2018 was the bloodiest in recent memory, after the occupying Indian forces decided, apparently in a moment of dire frustration, that the only way they could survive was by exterminating as many Kashmiri fighters as they could set their eyes on.

Kashmir once a beautiful abode of peace and harmony has now turned into land of bloodshed and suffering. Here the important question arises what is the most obvious existing reality of the state of the Jammu and Kashmir? Today again, the vicious cycle of violence that is resulting into loss of numerous precious human lives, huge economic loss, property damage, and above all, everyday sufferings of common Kashmiris have gripped the valley. There is constant atmosphere of insecurity and fear in South Asia as a region and among the people of Kashmir particular. The growing violent state response to political movements in the region especially in Kashmir, not only affected the security but it had also greatly harmed the Indo-Pak relations, as there are many unresolved issues between these two nuclear countries; Kashmir being one of them. Use of violence by India as well as by non-state actors has become greatest obstacle to finding the solution and restoring peace in the state.

South Asia is often described – quite rightly – as the utmost dangerous place on globe. Although SAARC was established to promote regional peace, it remained distant dream only because of strained Indo-Pak relations. As many authors and experts believe, Kashmir can become a Switzerland of Asia but the tainted relations between the two powers have adversely affected the peace and stability in South Asia, especially in Kashmir. In most of the South Asian states, popular aspirations such as right to self-determination and autonomy are perceived by their respective national regimes to be in conflict with their imaginary idea of national identity. Over half a century after independence, the nations of South Asia remain mired in a vicious cycle of poverty, deprivation, and underdevelopment.

Jammu and Kashmir is a landlocked region in South Asia, sandwiched between India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. There are a number of conflicts and outstanding disputes between India and Pakistan. However, the Kashmir dispute remains a flash-point of tensions between the world’s two important nuclear powers. Pakistani and Indian troops still continue to confront each other on the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir and along the Siachen Glacier. Kashmir has often been described as a ‘Paradise on Earth’. However, the nature of conflict and dispute between India and Pakistan has turned this beautiful region into a graveyard. The border disputes plus other unresolved issues of contention between India and Pakistan have given this very heaven the unwanted tag ‘Hell on Earth’. The onset of militancy in the J&K, started in the late 1980’s and continued for nearly two decades, have grown from last few years again, and has further complicated the volatile situation in the region particularly in Kashmir. Today, the word ‘Kashmir’ has become synonymous with torture, death, human rights violations, destruction and genocide.

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