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Letters to the Editor (March 2019)

Letters to the Editor (March 2019)

Pulwama Attack

The attack, which killed more than 40 personnel of the Indian army stationed in Indian-occupied Kashmir, has been hotly debated on Indian channels. The responsibility of lethal attack has been claimed by Jaish-e-Muhammad, and was executed by Aadil Ahmed Dar. India is ever ready to accuse Pakistan for any mishap in India or the occupied territory of Kashmir. There is consistent Pakistan-bashing going on in India. It has withdrawn the MFN status accorded to Pakistan. One wonders how did a car loaded with massive gunpowder cross the border and blast in a highly guarded area. Nonetheless, this is not the first allegation leveled by India. Previously, India has accused Pakistan of having links in the fateful incident of Uri. Apparently, Pakistan proved itself neutral in the Uri incident, having no links. Time and again, India threatens to launch a surgical strike. India must remember that this idea is easier said than done. This is only possible in Bollywood movies, not in real world. India must think out of the box as it seems a conspiracy posed by enemies of both of the countries.

Wajahat Abro (Shikarpur)

Gender Equality in Pakistan

Gender equality is a myth in Pakistan. As per a World Economic Forum (WEF) report, released in December 2018, Pakistan is the second-worst country in terms of gender equality. Shamefully, it is ahead of only the war-ravaged state of Yemen. Strangely, Pakistan is just two places below the war-devastated Syria. The report suggests that Pakistani women are deprived of the four interconnected spheres of life which are: educational attainment, health services, economic opportunities and political activities.

On the contrary, men alone enjoy these opportunities making the women downtrodden.

Despite the fact that women can play a vital role in the prosperity of a country, Pakistani women are barred from coming ahead and using their potentials for the progress and prosperity of the country.

In addition, Pakistan’s constitution also ensures equal rights for both men and women, yet the women are sacrificed on the altar of artificially shaped taboos.

The current PTI-led government claimed in its election campaign that it will make Pakistan a state just like Riyast-e-Madina. Undoubtedly, women enjoyed equal rights during the reign of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the current government must fulfil its promise. It should bring women out of unbearable tyrannies.

Khalid Rind (Shikarpur)

How Western Culture Impacts Pakistani Culture

Culture plays an important role in developing a society. Every country has different norms, values and traditions. All we know that we got a separate homeland on the basis of Islam. We wanted to practice our norms and values in our country, and it was possible only by the effort of some prominent leaders like Quaid-i- Azam, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, and others. But during the recent decades, we have increasingly adopted the Western culture; we even prefer English language over Urdu. It is a common observation that when someone goes for an interview for a job, (s)he is asked about English-speaking skills. Even in education sector, Urdu is not accorded its due importance. People shame if a person speaks Urdu. Secondly, if we talk about dress code, all you know that our national dress is Shalwar Kameez. But no one wants to wear that as it is an “old fashion”. Thirdly, if we talk about opur religious festivities like Eid, it is sad that we do not celebrate this joyous event and give preference to celebrating birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc. I do not want someone to stay away from all these things but I do request to give first preference to our own culture and language because these are the roots of any country.

Maira Ali (Lahore)

Resolving the Issues of SALU 

Despite receiving huge amounts as fee in the name of conducting so-called examinations, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, has failed to bring about some better changes for its Master’s degree students. The SALU is headquartered in Khairpur but, unfortunately, its campus at Government Girls Degree College, Larkana, is fleecing the studies. The education is so poor that around 90 percent of its students do not even know the definition of “Literature”. Who is responsible for this menace? The SALU management? The Sindh Government?

Unfortunately, students are also equally responsible for creating such situations for themselves. If they boycott the classes at campus and go on strike for the cause of MA students, the Sindh government will awake soon. There must be a mechanism in place to provide sufficient sources of education to the people of Larkana.

The concerned authorities are requested to work efficiently; otherwise, students would be the hardest hit by this situation. The SALU management must take stringent measures to ensure that regular classes are held at its Larkana campus so that the students may continue with their pursuit of higher education. The quality of education must also be improved.

Sonia Magsi (Larkana)

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