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The Successful Endeavour of AMAN-19

The Successful Endeavour of AMAN-19

Collaborative security in the Indian Ocean

“Control of the sea by maritime commerce and naval supremacy means predominant influence in the world; because, however great the wealth product of the land, nothing facilitates the necessary exchanges as does the sea.”
—Alfred Thayer Mahan American Naval Strategist

Pakistan Navy successfully hosted the sixth multinational maritime exercise “Aman-19” in Karachi from 8 to 12 February 2019, with a firm resolve displayed by the 46 participating countries under the title “Together for Peace”. The five-day multinational exercise was conducted in two phases – the harbour phase and the sea phase. Other than seminars, table talks, cross-ship visits and an international band display, the harbour phase also included a three-day international maritime conference on ‘Global Geopolitics in Transition: Rethinking Maritime Dynamics in the Indian Ocean Region’. The principal purpose of the exercise was to provide a forum for understanding each other’s maritime concepts and operational cultures, and come up with ways and means to combat common threats at sea.

In February, Pakistan Navy hosted, in Karachi, a massive maritime exercise Aman-19 with 46 participating countries. The exercise was anchored on the concept of ‘peace across the globe’ and was aimed to display a united resolve against the growing maritime terrorism and crimes. Under its motto, ‘Together for Peace’, the exercise brought the navies of the East and the West on a common platform for the good of global commons. It also provided participating countries with opportunities to foster friendships, which could lead them to develop and practice common tactics, procedures and mechanics to deal with the maritime threats that affected them all.


Aman-19 was the sixth exercise of the Aman series. It was aptly named “Aman” (Peace) as it showed Pakistan’s resolve and commitment towards global peace and prosperity as it was aimed at boosting joint operational capabilities of the participating countries’ naval forces for peace and stability in the region. The exercise also depicted Pakistan as an important regional player and the one that wishes to work in harmony and collaboration with all regional countries for the common objectives of peace, stability and economic prosperity. As they say, weakness invites aggression, and that drills in peace time prepare the forces for any real conflict situation, Pakistan Navy believes in staying ever-ready and alert to safeguard its maritime sovereignty.

The objectives of Aman-2019 included projecting a positive image of Pakistan as a nuclear state contributing towards regional peace and stability, displaying united resolve against terrorism and crimes in maritime domain, developing coalition building and multi-layer security cooperation to promote a safe and sustainable maritime environment, enhancing tactical interoperability between regional and extra-regional navies thereby acting as a bridge between the regions and last but not least validating response, tactics, techniques and procedures to counter non-traditional threats in maritime domain.

Lessons learnt

While detailed operational evaluation of Aman-19, will take some time to collate and evaluate, some prominent lessons that are discernible are as follows:

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