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Grasping the Afghan Nettle

It is in its vital interest to have peace and stability in an independent Afghanistan that is friendly towards Pakistan and is free of foreign …

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PAK-CHINA Trade to Increase

For Pakistan, a window of opportunity came about with the visit of Prime Minister Wen Jiabao during which 22 trade-related agreements worth $15 billion, and …

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Charter for Compassions

The western people mistakenly believe that Islam is a violent and cruel religion but the truth is that compassion is absolutely central to the Islamic …

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The Role of Intelligence Agencies

An intelligence agency is a government secret service that is devoted to collect information for national security and defence. An intelligence agency is a government …

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Obama and the Middle East Conflict

We believe that the Palestinian-Israeli peace process is one issue that requires priority and concerted efforts of all states, and that the United Nations which …

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The withdrawal of American forces from Iraq has been a contentious issue within the US since the beginning of the Iraq war. Capital (and largest …

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