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Queries of CSS Aspirants

1. What is ‘Trend’ in the context of CSS Exam? It is one of the myths associated with this exam, with some element of coincidence, …

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What Your Eyes Can See

The most common idioms we use in our daily life? Have/Keep your eye on somebody. To be carefully watching everything that someone does, especially because …

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Max Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy

He wrote about the emergence of bureaucracy from more traditional organisational forms (like feudalism) and it’s rising pre-eminence in modern society.   Max Weber Max …

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A Poor Man’s Court

Ombudsman office has received public applauses. However, certain improvements are required to enhance its image in the eyes of public. One such step is the …

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Dual Nationality Revisited

Isn’t it time that we ask our lawmakers to, at least on paper, show their only allegiance to this fledgling country? It is a pity …

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