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Berlin Wall falls again

History bears witness to the fact that in case of most of the revolutions, those poor and middle class people, who made these revolutions possible …

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Tunisia’s rebirth

Could it be that the uprising in Tunisia is the harbinger of an alternative for other Arab countries? It is extremely difficult to write about …

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NATIONAL January 19 The Supreme Court releases the detailed judgment on petitions against the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). 21  Overcoming conservative opposition for years, the National …

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The Success Story of Cancun COP-16

At Cancun the process of international negotiations to tackle the challenge of climate change was brought back on track. It salvaged the talks between developed …

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Hadd, Qisas and Tazir

Being Muslim, it is obligatory for us to accept wholeheartedly all the tenets/laws of Islam. Islam has ordained three kinds of punishments namely Hadd, Qisas …

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Blasphemy in Islam

Blasphemy in Islam is any irreverent behaviour towards holy personages, religious artifacts, customs, and beliefs. Islam and Blasphemy Blasphemy in Islam is any irreverent behaviour …

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