Fabricated Truths – The legacy we are leaving behind


Fabricated Truths – The legacy we are leaving behind

Pakistan is a country where majority thinks that philosophy is disbelief, use of science is permissible but it is a route to hell and most of the discourse is mythologized. Such assumptions are likely to hinder a scientific and critical thinking among people. Notably, the human history has undergone various phases of intellectual development—theological, metaphysical and positivist. This division by Auguste Comte explains that beginning of human thought was theological in nature. People in primitive age of their civilization divinized the natural occurrences. Natural objects, including animals, trees, fire, etc., were worshipped. This was the first phase when human intellect was underdeveloped. I can relate this phase to many of the people living in Pakistan even today who regard ‘reality’ as theological. People are split into various religious beliefs and sub-beliefs resulting in an intense form of ‘schism’. Many of them divinize ‘humans’. For instance, various groups consider historic figures—prophets, progeny of the prophet, prophet’s companions, and saintly people as humans with supernatural powers. Based on this, a good deal of knowledge is constructed that advocates the ‘miracle factor’. People do not think that such knowledge is exclusive of reason, evidence and logical justification. However, this is promoted with zest. Much literature is available in Pakistan which positions religious figures as super humans—completely the heroic portrayal of what exists in mythological literature. Construction of such discourse authenticates the beliefs of a fresh mind incapable of rationalizing what is going around.

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