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Ensuring Energy, Water and Food Security


Ensuring Energy, Water anFood Security

Shafqat Javed

Water scarcity is the biggest threat to fertile lands in the country which, in turn, means serious consequences for the industrial sector. Pakistan is already a water-scarce country as owing to the poor state of infrastructure about two-third is lost due to poor transmission and seepage.  Water scarcity hurts the entire agricultural chain besides creating problems for farmers, households and industries, thus causing food insecurity and unemployment.  Almost 145 million acre feet (MAF) water passes annually through the country of which only 14MAF could be stored and that too for one month, while the international standard stands at 90 days of storage. Country’s population would be 250 million by 2025 and the demand for water would be at 338 billion cubic meters while the availability would be 236 billion cubic meter. Hence, the government should try to take due steps.  Pakistan’s storage capacity is a mere 150 cubic meters per person which is much lower than many other economies. By 2030, according to the World Resource Institute, Pakistan will be faced with extreme water shortage owing to lack of water storage capacity and unsustainable groundwater utilisation.

Pakistan ranks seventh among countries at risk from global warming, thus flooding alone accounts for 77 per cent of all natural disasters, costing Pakistan heavily.

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