Living a life Worth Living


Living a life Worth Living

Self-help books are always a matter of controversy in academic circles. There is a difference of opinion between realistic and optimistic schools of thought. Realists think that motivational content pumps you up for a moment; you start thinking about doing the wonders, then you sleep at night but when you wake up the next day, things are the same. You stand in front of the mirror watching yourself, and you realize that you are the same bullshit as you were yesterday. Optimists differ with this opinion as they think that a momentary pump, sometimes, plays the role of a trigger for you. This trigger could lead you to taking difficult first step, and then you keep going. According to optimists, all you need is a trigger. I don’t know where I stand. I am just witnessing this beautiful argumentation from both sides. Sometimes, it is more pleasing to take no side and witness the beauty of both sides. Because the moment you take the side, you miss the whole sight.

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