Single National Curriculum is a must for social cohesion and National Integration


Single National Curriculum is a must

for social cohesion and National Integration

This Essay by Mr Muhammad Noman was declared winner of the 4th JWT Essay Competition with 57 marks. The essays sent by Dr Saadullah (55 marks) and Faraz Ali (52 marks) have secured second and third position, respectively. These essays will be published in the upcoming issues of JWT.


Ahmad and Farhan are the citizens of the same country. Ahmad being a student of a well-reputed college is going to apply for Stanford but Farhan, being a student of a lower-class college, and with entire education in a different medium, submits his application in an average local institute to pursue higher studies. Non-uniformity in the curriculum has created a gap between the opportunities available for, rich and the poor, leading to disintegration in society. Implementation of a Single National Curriculum at all levels of education ties the society together by eliminating a major disparity which, later on, may prove to be the root cause of other social divides. Single National Curriculum aims to achieve cohesion and integration in society by gathering all and sundry on a single platform to achieve their goals in life. It overlooks the divisions in society which are based on class, colour, language, social status, religion and culture, and provides a strong reason to remain united. The effective implementation of the policy of Single National Curriculum is based on inclusion of all forms of knowledge coming from different cultures, introduction of modern methods of learning and focusing on the development of critical thinking among students.

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