Looming Change in India’s Nuclear Postures

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Looming Change in India’s Nuclear Postures

From ‘No First Use’ to ‘No, First Use

India’s ‘No First Use’ (NFU) doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons is open for change in the future, defence minister Rajnath Singh has indicated, reflecting thinking within the establishment that no policy is writ in stone and could be modified to deal with current realities. On August 16 stated that it would stick to the No First Use doctrine, however, what happens in future would depend on the /circumstances’. Singh’s statement has raised apprehensions on the likely revision of India’s NFU policy and nuclear doctrine.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh recently reaffirmed a long-standing tenet of India’s nuclear weapons doctrine: that it would not be the first to use the devastating weapons in a conflict. But he subsequently questioned how much longer that commitment would remain. He told the media that while India had “strictly adhered to” the doctrine thus far “what happens in future depends on the circumstances”.

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