CSS Comprehension


CSS Comprehension

 “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”   

— Albert Einstein

 What is comprehension?

Comprehension is an exercise in reading any material, and then initiating a process of gauging and explaining your understanding of that in simple words. It is a delicate and attention-warranting process whereby an interaction between the reader and the writer takes place. In order to comprehend, one would divert one’s attention, focus and concentration to enable a fair understanding of the issue discussed in the reading material. It is an effort to understand the contents of the matter discussed – proverbially speaking by looking toward the trees without missing the forest. It concentrates on the vocabulary of words used, punctuation etched and various events and ideas propounded that arrest the attention of the reader. The main purpose of comprehension is an economical understanding of the reading material and the ability to expound the understanding acquired in simple words.

Why comprehension is important?

Comprehension is important for developing clarity in understanding the usage of words, ideas, arguments, tone and structure of the reading material. It allows interaction between the reader and the author. It begins by asking the basic question: why the author is telling me these details? It develops links between the information supplied and the arguments made in favour thereof. It enables connecting the dots in order to make a beeline toward the main purpose of the passage. It builds a conspicuously understandable collage of ideas expressed in the entire passage, which the writer has camouflaged in different paragraphs. It then goes on to reveal the tone, tenor, attitude, and contextual meanings expressed in the passage.

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