Festivities of China’s 70 Years and the Silk Road Spirit

Festivities of China’s 70 Years

Festivities of China’s 70 Years


the Silk Road Spirit

Saadia Saif Niazi

October 1st, 2019 has a significant historical significance for the People’s Republic of China as this is the day China is celebrating the 70th Chinese National Day. On this day, the Chinese people will rejoice the declaration of victory in war against the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek along with beginning of the relationship of the Chinese government with other states of the world, since 1949.

This year the festivities of the National Day will be little different from those in past because of an important development in China­­ – the successful five years of its revolutionary idea of connectivity ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) under the phenomenon of Silk Road Spirit. For the first time in its history, China has set eyes on globalization. China’s plans include connecting the West as well as its own secluded provinces with the others regional states through this initiative. The BRI was propagated by Chinese president Xi Jinping in 2013, during his visit to Central and Southeast Asia in September and October of 2013, where he raised the initiative with the forename of “The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.”

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