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Reforming the Council of Islamic Ideology

Main purpose of establishing the Council of Islamic Ideology was to guide the nation in accordance with the instructions of Quran and Sunnah. Regrettably, this objective has not been achieved so far. Instead of discussing the real issues of the present day, the CII members, every now and then, squabble over petty issues. This attitude of CII members raises several questions on the credibility of the Council. Considering its overall performance, it can be concluded that it has been nothing else but a burden on national exchequer. Had it performed its constitutional role, the issues of religious extremism and intolerance would have been eliminated from the country.

Aziz Siyal (Dera Murad Jamali)

Moaning Charsadda Attack

Yet again we are helpless in the face of terrorism. The attack on Bacha Khan University, Charsadda boisterously speaks volumes about security lapse. It seems if the tyrants are still hell-bent to refute and dishearten our ‘the school master is abroad’ tenet. At what cost a heavy toll of life was taken? The ruthless event did not end here. Even the innocent asleep students were indiscriminately targeted. Had we got hold of the wrong end of the stick that such heinous attacks would be controlled? Why education and educationists always? Why the innocent students once again? Failure to control the spread of this cancer has put a big question mark on our security measures.
Enough of tyranny! Policies regarding national security and sovereignty must be revisited. Should the education of our future be halted; is there any ‘stop’ button to this menace and is there any way forward? The nation questions the ruling elite.

Hoping against hope, it is believed that peace would return Pakistan soon.     

Aliza Fatima (Rahim Yar Khan)

Women on Wheels (WoW)

About 150 women motorcyclists after completing training with the collaboration of Special Monitoring Unit on Law & Order and City Traffic Police participated in the Women on Wheels (WoW) rally in Lahore. The event was attended by well-known national and international ladies such as Austrian Ambassador Brigitta Blaha and prominent lawyer Asma Jahangir and Danish Ambassador Helen Neilson, American Consul General in Lahore Zachary Harkenrider, UN Women Country Representative Jamshed Qazi, prominent motorcyclist from Singapore Juvena Huang, Provincial Minister for Population Welfare Zakia Shahnawaz, Minister for Women Development Hameeda Waheeduddin and SMU’s Salman Sufi also attended the event.

The rally is an important move to encourage female bike-riding as it will make Pakistani women self- reliant and self-confident. No doubt female bike-riding should be encouraged as it is quite common in many states of India, even Bihar that is one of the most conservative states of India, but there should be strict law to protect the respect and dignity of women during bike or scooty riding.

Arsalanullah Khan (Hyderabad)

Injustice with Educated Sindhi Youth

The educated youngsters of Sindh have been the victims of unemployment since years and it is all due to corrupt governments and politicians. To begin with, government jobs are given only to some chosen people who are either the near and dear ones of incompetent politicians or they are so wealthy that they grease the palms of the agents of corrupt politicians and Sindh Public Service Commission. Many of such people do not even know how to spell their own name in English. There is a general concept of MPA/MNA quota in jobs in Sindh province. However, there is no any provision of such quota in the Constitution of Pakistan. Moreover, the performance of Sindh Public Service Commission has remained an epitome of slackness. One can check its performance and degree of impartiality from the fact that during the last 8 years, SPSC has remained a puppet in the hands of successive governments. If one compares it with Punjab Public Service Commission, one would come to know that SPSC has been resting since years. In addition to this, government jobs in Sindh are announced once in a blue moon. Unluckily, no sooner a department announces jobs than the game of bribery and nepotism starts. Owing to all these factors, the able and competent youth of Sindh have remained unemployed since years. It is a widespread notion in Sindh that getting education is futile. People make fun of the literates and degree-holders for not getting employment. In fact, this is the central cause behind lowest literacy rate in Sindh.

Thus, concerned authorities are requested to kindly take a stern notice regarding illegal appointments and also take concrete steps for future appointments.          

Abdul Wadood Solangi (QAU, Islamabad)

Increasing GDP

It is agonizing that every government makes promises to allocate 4% of country’s GDP for education, yet the promises are still unfulfilled. Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and spends only 2.7 percent of its GDP on education. Comparatively, countries like even Bhutan (4.8), Maldives (11.2%) and Uzbekistan (7.4%) are spending more than what we spend on education. Experts suggest that at least 4 percent of GDP should be spent on education for a stabilized education system. The concerned authorities are request to pay heed to this important factor.

Siraj Umrani (Turbat)

Thar is crying

It seems that there is no end to the plight of the Tharis. Last year, hundreds of children died due to shortage of food and clean water. The same is happening yet again. As per a news report, nearly a hundred children have died in Thar since the beginning of the New Year. However, the authorities only visit the area, announce to provide food and healthcare, but unfortunately, fail to act upon their words.

It seems that the Sindh government isn’t going to take this issue seriously; therefore, it is requested to federal government and international organizations like UN and WHO to take swift actions to pull children out of this plight.

Mahnoor Mustafa (Kech)

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