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Letter to the editor

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The main conveyor of news is a newspaper. Though news may come from many other sources like magazines and books i.e. the print media; and radio, TV channels and the Internet i.e. the electronic media; besides the old methods of getting news as from word of mouth and telephone and wireless communications etc., no other source ever could come near the newspaper in importance. It is true of the past and the present and it is true of the future as well. Neither the advent of the television nor that of the Internet could affect the importance of the newspapers. The principal reason for this is the width, breadth and the depth of the news provided by the newspapers, its low cost and the ease of providing the news at our leisure and comfort as many times as we desire. People of almost all professions need newspapers. Engineers, doctors, scientists, professors and other professionals need them to know the day-to-day developments in their respective fields. Businessmen need newspapers to keep pace with the economic and commercial trends in the country. Reading newspapers everyday is a must for both students and adults for growth and enlightenment irrespective of the class or field of their life; for reading newspaper everyday is highly educational, and an important informal source of education.

Hira Rasheed Memon (Pir Jo Goth, Sindh)


Ah… It’s December again. Yet another ambience of gloom and lugubriousness. The APS Peshawar attack is that lump in my throat that has utterly moved me. Thinking of the tragic violence fell upon innocent lives my heart cries out and aggravates the ire and disgust for the brutes. How can one be so insane to make havoc of the future nation-builders? The dolorous and heart-breaking visuals still haunt the mind and fill the heart with pain and glumness. My grief is beyond measure. December is not rosy also when it reminds one the fateful day in 1971 when the dismemberment of East Pakistan took place and broke the lovers of Quaid’s Pakistan in tears and an unending despair.

What message did the APS attack give us? In point of fact, the attack transmuted the national scenario. The ensuing National Action Plan and Operation Zarb-e-Azb were absolutely welcome steps and they did axe the terrorism in the country. However, what needs to be done now is the designing of a new line of action by the civil society, bureaucracy and politico-military apparatus to put an end to terrorist attacks. Imparting civic sense and proper education is of paramount importance to bring the criminal minds on the right track so that no such ghastly attacks may occur again.

Aliza Fatima (Rahim Yar Khan)


We always chant the mantra of gender equality but all our aspirations get killed when we see that women are used as free labour in farming and bear torture while working as housemaids. We have virtually enslaved women of our society because the freedom of women is considered tantamount to selling one’s honour. But, regrettably, no shame is felt when women are burnt alive and are dragged in front of mob of the ‘supreme gender’.  Women are still faced with a number of threats which they have to brave while they are out of their homes i.e. on job, in the market or while travelling. However, these threats can be minimized by launching vigorous awareness and educational campaigns across the country wherein economic aspects of gender equality must also be highlighted. The gender equality laws must be approved and implemented to kick out harassment issues. Islam does not snatch women’s freedom so the representatives of self-styled version of Islam should also be demobilized to save the true spirit of Islam.

Nausheen Bashir (Bhalwal)


The biggest superstar of India’s showbiz industry, Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan recently talked about peace between India and Pakistan. But, the deep-rooted antagonism of Hindus against Muslims, which was embodies in the Two Nation Theory, was manifested again when King Khan was ruthlessly criticized by anti-Muslim elements in Indian society like the BJP. A BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya hit out at the actor in a series of tweets buy saying: “Shah Rukh Khan lives in India, but his heart is in Pakistan.”

Despite the fact that even today Indian film industry is one of the world’s largest only due to some actors like Shah Rukh, he is despised and asked that when he is earning money from India, then why his heart is with Pakistan? But, in reality his words are true because the ongoing war-like situation between India and Pakistan is not in anyone’s favour. We have to bring peace to this region. And, if we fail, we will always be treated as the Third World.

Naseem Brahim (Turbat)


Under the auspices of UNESCO, the World Philosophy Day was observed on November 19. The day highlights the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and for each individual. Philosophy is a creative study of knowledge and thought that unleashes plethora of opportunities to develop human thoughts for the betterment of the world. Faced with the complexity of today’s world, philosophical reflection is above all a call to humility, to take a step back and engage in reasoned dialogue, to build together the solutions to challenges that are beyond our control. This is the best way to educate enlightened citizens, equipped to fight stupidity and prejudice. The greater the difficulties encountered the greater the need for philosophy to make sense of questions of peace and sustainable development.
The philosophical vibes create reasons for social conversations to root out ailments like gender discrimination, child marriages or honour killings, etc. The subject needs to be taught in all fields of education to bring about basic awareness for a peaceful survival.

Mashreen Hameed  (Turbat)


Since the start of atrocities against minorities, especially Muslims, in India, unique slogans are emerging in India. Recently, a speech by famous Muslim leader in India, Akbaruddin Owaisi has rocked the social media. In this speech, Mr Owaisi has directly and openly told Modi that if violence against Muslims is not stopped, Modi would be hanged. He also explicitly expressed that if Muslims are told again and again to go to Pakistan, Hindus should remember that they won’t go empty-handed and will take Taj Mahal, Lal Qila and Qutab Minar with them.

Modi is taking India back to the past in the name of a brighter future. Modi’s hatred against Muslims has torn the dream of India’s joining the Security Council as a permanent member.

Pakistan must launch diplomatic missions to convince the UN, US and other big powers that Hindu extremism in India must be knocked off as it is as lethal as was the menace of Taliban, to exterminate whom the world powers destroyed the whole Afghanistan.
If Hindu-extremism continues, the time is not far when the world would see an Afghanistanized India.

Rohail Mandokhel (Zhob)


Jahangir’s World Times is immensely proud to announce that an article entitled “The Call of Nature” by Muhammad Atif Sheikh, published in the July 2015 edition, has been selected among a prestigious group of 100 nominees out of more than 1400 registered participants of European Commission International Cooperation and Development’s “Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2015”.     

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