Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor


The already-delayed census has been further delayed by the government for some excuses. Perhaps there is a lack of consensus on census. For sure, there is no dearth of manpower in the country but what we actually require is its management.

Presently, many of the crises of Pakistan may be attributed to a chronic negligence over the matter of census. Without census, developmental planning remains incomplete and ineffective. And without planning, good governance always remains an elusive dream.

Census is a sine qua non for national development. Conducting census timely is as important as conducting elections on time. If there remains apathy and ineptness on the part of the government on this matter, it will be a sheer failure of the so-called efficient administrative machinery.

Aziz Siyal  (Dera Murad Jamali)


Recently the Sports Week of the Government Attashad Degree College Turbat was held. Former CM Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik Baloch was the chief guest at the occasion. He was very excited to see the youth engaged in healthy activities. Nearly 24 different games were played at the event but unfortunately there were no sufficient grounds available. Barring cricket, football and volleyball, no ground is available at all at the college and most of the games were played in classrooms. Moreover, many other games like our national sport hockey, basketball, tennis etc., were missing. I request the Government of Balochistan to provide grounds as well as the requisite facilities in order to engage youth of the province in healthy activities and alienate them from any negativity.

Sana Samad (Turbat)


Recently, Pakistan was honoured with a prestigious UN award for taking serious steps toward eradication of tuberculosis (TB) from the country with the assistance of USAID National TB Control Programme.

Tuberculosis (TB) was first declared a health emergency from Pakistan in 2001. At that time, Pakistan was sixth on list of countries most at risk from Tuberculosis. According to a ‘Disease Prevalence Survey’ (2011-12), every year, nearly 420,000 people fall prey to this disease. However, encouragingly, the number fell to 315,000 in 2015.

Fortunately, Pakistan has made successful endeavours to combat tuberculosis in the country. During 2001-2015, more than three million patients were diagnosed with TB and were treated free of cost in 1,300 public sectors TB care facilities, under the National TB Control Programme. It further shows that Pakistan can eliminate many other diseases like polio and breast cancer from its soil. There are hopes that the country will be successful in eradicating all the dangerous diseases from the country.

Mahnoor Baloch (Turbat)


The adverse use of carcinogenic edibles in Balochistan is increasing rapidly. It is very unfortunate for a nation that its youth is involved in such injurious indulgences. Due to the carcinogenic products like gutka, tobacco, chaliya etc., the rate of oral cancer is also rising.

The Government should arrange some workshops and campaigns to discourage the youth from using such evil products. The government also needs to take some positive initiatives to control the production of these products which are not only destroying Balochistan but also Pakistan at large.

Sadaf Abid (Turbat)


There is no doubt that JWT is the most popular magazine among CSS aspirants. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that it has been recommended by FPSC. It is a treasure trove for CSS candidates as it provides stuff keeping in view all the requirements of the new syllabus. In CSS-2016 exams also, the JWT covered many topics from compulsory as well as optional subjects. It is beacon light for toppers and a mentor and guide for aspirants who live in remote areas.

Keeping in view all this, I appeal the JWT management to increase the number of its pages to at least two hundred.

Muhammad Kifayatullah


Mr Trump’s infamous re-tweets are only part of the problem. In late January, he did something that would have sunk almost any other presidential campaign: he re-tweeted an anonymous Nazi sympathizer and white supremacist that goes by the not-so-subtle handle. Furthermore, he can never be a philanthropist as he hates Muslims.

Mohammad Naeem Shahwani ( Quetta)


After terrorist attack at Charsadda’s Bacha Khan University, a burning issue of lack of security at educational institutions has emerged. Compelled, on the one hand, by the urgent need of security and constraints of the budget at the other, it was decided that teachers, professors and lecturers should keep a gun with them all the time.

Now, it’s quite perplexing because teachers had always taught students about the power of the pen and tells them that the use of pen is a powerful tool to rule the world while gun is a symbol of negativity. Students learn by observing their teachers and pay heed to what he says or practices. In this environment of fear, how would he be able to give a good moral lesson to the students? Is it good for a teacher to hold a gun while delivering a lecture? Won’t it adversely impact our new generation?

The Government needs to make some action plan to eradicate terrorism rather than providing guns to the teachers. It’s not a teacher’s duty to do all things for the security of the students.

Sanjana James, A student of MSc Sociology (Rawalpindi)

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