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Letter to the editor

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In the absence of PM Nawaz Sharif, the business of the state is being affected. He is responsible for making major decisions and holds the foreign ministry as well. The recent assault of Afghan troops on Pakistani territory and India’s efforts for NSG membership are two sensitive cases which needed quick government response at the highest level. But, a sheer failure to respond to these incidents has cast a negative impact on the country’s foreign policy. The PM underwent successful heart surgery recently; now, he himself needs to become a doctor and perform the major surgeries needed in the state business. Pakistan is fighting various battles against terrorism, corruption and climate change. These and foreign relations in his absence are affected and he is badly needed in Pakistan.

Sajjad Ahmed Kalhoro (N. Feroze)


I am tickled to JWT since December 2015. It’s a great magazine related to current affairs from all around the world. I plea you to make sure a portion for English writing skills with respect to Précis and Essay writing. I would also request the JWT management to hold Essay Competitions on monthly basis as it will be highly beneficial for the aspirants.

Uzair Ahmad


Sectarian in Pakistan has been a major destabilizing factor our country has been faced with since long. Religious sectarianism is, in fact, the principal source and root cause of terrorist activities in our country. This is a critical point in our history as the religious forces have already been unable to protect the people from the menace of terrorism, the sectarianism has sped up. Sectarianism has already caused a lot of destruction to our nations and we can’t deny this bitter truth.

As they say, united we stand, divided we fall, we can, and we must, defeat these forces by developing a sense of unity and harmony among us.

Abeer Riaz Chaudhary (Mandi Bhauddin)


A place, where penniless, downtrodden and vulnerable people live is known as Tharparkar which has become no less than a “dead valley” now. This year has become the most tearful one for Tharis as more than 160 people of all ages, especially children, have lost their lives owing to shortage of food, unclean water, lack of healthcare facilities. It’s a fact that the natives of Tharparkar are very poor but poverty does not mean that they do not have the fundamental right to life.

Since Tharis are under the claws of chronic, abject poverty, they cannot afford feeding their children in this hour of calamity. Why is our government oblivious to their sufferings and is not supporting them in the shape of transportation free? Tharparkar is a Pakistani land and the people living on it have rights like people living in other parts of Pakistan do. As a human, we must feel the sorrows, feelings and pains of those people, and do everything to improve their lives.

Wajahat Abro (Shikarpur)


If the media leads people to believe that ISIS is a militant group that reflects Islam and Muslims, then why don’t they tell people that the English hooligans who have terrorized France and other parts of Europe and USA are a reflection of the English or Christianity?

Why are the hooligan terrorists classed as a fringe minority but use the minority of religious fanatics to profile an entire religious group of more than a billion people?

M. Naeem Shahwani (Quetta)


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Balochistan, owing to its abundant natural resources, is the backbone of Pakistan. Natural gas is among these invaluable resources as it is providing countless advantages to the citizens of Pakistan. Natural gas was discovered at Sui gas field near Dera Bugti in 1952 and by 1955 its supply to different cities of the country had started. Despite occupying such an important position, Balochistan, unfortunately, is the most backward province and Dera Bugti is the most underdeveloped part of the province.

Further saddening is the fact that still many places of Balochistan don’t have the Sui gas facility. At present, Punjab and Sindh are getting the major chunk of gas supply from this field while only 14 towns of Balochistan have gas connections; the town of Sui, which is only 4 miles away from the city where gas was discovered, itself doesn’t have gas. The people are compelled to use wood and coal as fuel and facing many problems.

Sanaullah Samad (Turbat)

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