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Letter to the editor

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Education, Pitfalls and Remedies

Education is the premise of progress; in every society, in every family. It helps in awakening political sensibility and in raising morality of the masses. But the poor state of education in Pakistan bears testimony to the fact that the country has failed to promote its own educational sector that could have been the “cheap defence of the nation,” in the words of Edmund Burke. Frankly speaking, this important sector has rotten to its core in Pakistan. In a country like Pakistan, where the country’s executive arm gets a post-facto approval for a Rs.261 billion ‘supplementary budget’ and finance minister avoids answering questions in the upper house of the parliament, one can fully understand the reasons behind the highly-deplorable status of education. Though numerous policies and action plans have been introduced since country’s independence, this sector of pivotal importance still awaits a saviour.

The Government should take solid steps on this issue. Implementation instead of projecting policies should be the principal focus. Allocation of funds should be made easy from provinces to districts and then to educational institutes. Workshops must be arranged for teachers. Technical education must be provided to all the classes.

Asif Tufail Gujjar (Shakargarh)

Truth May be Eclipsed

Truth may be eclipsed not extinguished. Truth is the utmost reality that no one can deny. As we cannot hide the light of sun behind a finger; likewise, the truth maintains its existence even in the heaps of lies. No matter how much bitter a construct is; no matter how much difficulties have to be faced; no matter how much worse the consequences could be, truth should not be avoided. Truth exists since the birth of man; it’s the curiosity of man that has initiated the expedition of truth. Man is striving to find the reality of its creation since ages. Introduction of realism followed by idealism and narcissism and the revolutionary scientific study presented different philosophies, however, truth sustained its authenticity. The theories and approaches contradictory to truth might have shadowed it for sometime but truth made its way through all the hindrances. Unfortunately, we are now living in a time where truth is in short supply. The socioeconomic and politico-religious domains of life are not void of facts. The fallacy of good governance, deprivation of economic prosperity, violation of inter-religious harmony and decay of social fabric depict deteriorated situation of verity. A lie anywhere is a threat to truth everywhere. We as part of the globalized world need to realize our responsibility toward the society. Fighting for the right and uncovering the hidden truths with sincere approach can mollify the eclipse.

Kinza Paracha

Fixing State Institutions Across the Board

Is there a need to furbish up the state institutions and state-owned enterprises, or to start up new projects within or as a supplementary to the existing entities? The answer to the flash questions could be gained from in-depth analysis of the problems and the degree of their backlash. The government servants, during their service or after their retirement, have to confront their own-created complicated procedure of getting their salaries, bonuses, commissions, pensions, gratuities, etc., and red-tapism from the institutions handling all those cases. Some of the servants of the institution either exaggerate the cases or make government servants bribe for getting their task done. Think how much trouble an ordinary citizen has to face when having a grievance against the state institutions.

Instead of touching on the government organizations, every succeeding government seeks to launch public-visible projects so that is could get itself secure for again acquiring electoral sweep in the next election. None of the governments have any purport to initiate radical reforms in the existing organizations.

The government must bring forth a revolutionary betterment and improvement in the functionalities and independence of the established and primary organizations.

Muhammad Bilal Sarwar (Daska)

Women’s Participation in Labour Force

The trend of women’s participation in Pakistan’s labour force has been growing in recent years. It is really a significant step for supporting women belonging to lower stratum of the society. But, it is still one of the lowest in the world. Most women face challenging circumstances while working in industrial sector. They are systematically deprived of regular pay and regular working hours. Besides, rampant abuses, blatant sexual violence, offensive harassment and other malpractices are common in the informal sector of labour force.

It is time for government to create a comprehensive policy that includes higher investment in education, significant reforms in financial and business climate. Such steps will prove fruitful for women to get new vistas of opportunities.

Wajahat Abro (Shikarpur)

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