Letters to the Editor (Dec 2014)

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I am a CSS aspirant and an avid reader of Jahangir’s World Times. It’s a very useful and prestigious magazine and it enriches people with lots of knowledge. People, who cannot access the coaching centres and teachers, can comfortably quench their thirst of knowledge by going through the JWT. Through this letter, I want to suggest that please re-include some worthy portions like EDS, English grammar and composition, proverbs, geography, etc.

I hope my suggestions would be taken into consideration by the JWT management.

Khalid Buledi
Sohbatpur, Balochistan


In our country, intelligence or knowledge is considered enough to judge the best talent for the success in civil service exams. The definition of talent should not just be limited to, but must also include, leadership qualities, analytical skills, as well as the desire to serve the public. Nowadays, majority of the youth from rural areas are the aspirants of CSS exam. Unfortunately, at present, the CSS exam is highly biased towards those from the English medium background. Most subjects require writing essays in English. For many, this becomes a test of their language skills rather than a test of knowledge or analytical skills.

There is a dire need to revamp the CSS exam and it should focus more on testing one’s problem-solving skills and leadership qualities as opposed to rote learning or testing detailed knowledge of many subjects. The FPSC should devise a mechanism to facilitate those candidates whose may be weak in English, but are highly talented otherwise.

Atif Noor Khan
Dhok Mohri, Bara Kahu, Islamabad


It is true that Jahangir’s World Times is the real source and platform of knowledge for the CSS aspirants. The JWT guides numerous aspirants how to attempt the papers to ensure a brilliant success in CSS and other exams, it is also a great source of income for the agents, dealers, and hawkers. I am related with a newspaper agency. When I prepared for the CSS exam, I benefitted a lot from it. Now as a news agent, I am very glad to tell you that the JWT has beaten every other magazine in the market. The customers visit our shop and ask about the magazine and we are selling more and more copies of it. I want to thank the JWT team for their efforts as it is a great source of income for us.

Long live JWT!
Irshad-e-Ali Burfat


Among the formidable adversaries of the Pakistan Movement was Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a veteran Indian nationalist and a celebrated religious scholar who was dead against the breakup of a United India. He portrayed a clear picture, ahead of the birth of Pakistan, of the repercussions, consequences and obviously the perpetual crises, the new country was going to face. He also warned the Muslim League leaders of the newly-built state being confronted with never-ending civil strife and political turmoil.

Maulana Azad’s concern for the Muslims of Pakistan has proved to be true, and his profound insight into the fate of Pakistan exactly corresponds to the plight of today’s Pakistan. Azad was of the view that there would be unceasing problems Pakistan would be thrown into by the self-serving politicians. This view undoubtedly holds water given the state of affairs in today’s Pakistan. His foretellings that the incompetent leadership would pave the way for the military coup d’état; class war would engulf the region leading to the gross exploitation of the poor classes; internal unrest and regional conflicts coupled with the monopoly of the capital held, and the loot of national wealth by a certain class, would plague the nation, and the East Wing would break away are proven now. It is the foremost duty of our politicians to translate the ideals which served as the foundation of the whole edifice of the Pakistan Movement. It is for the ruling class, be they law-making or law-executing or the judiciary to play their due role to demonstrate that Pakistan stands where it was destined to.

Farrukh Aziz Ansari


The in-depth studies on Islam have shown that it is a religion of moderation, truthfulness and peace. It neither gives the message of extremism nor does it allow the beheadings or lynching of people belonging to other religions or even other sects. The practical framework of Islam is more than evident from the life and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAWW). The beheadings of certain people by some bigots and fanatics must not be attributed to Islam. Islam does not approve of this bestiality.

It’s our responsibility to bring harmony in the society and avoid any kind of violence because by doing so we would be, inadvertently, defaming Islam, the religion of peace.

Nausheen Bashir


The federal government recently lifted the ban on recruitment in federal departments and allowed public sector organisations to fill up the vacancies as per rules. However, it is a known fact that during the previous government, recruitments were made directly by these departments and many questions were raised about the transparency and fairness of the recruitment process.

In certain cases, positions were sold out and many were distributed among parliamentarians.

To avoid political interference and make the whole exercise transparent, I request the prime minister to order all federal departments to hand over the job of selection and recruitment to the NTS as this only can ensure the selection of qualified, energetic and competent youths for running public sector entities.

Shahida Tariq

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