Letters to the Editor (July 2018)

Letters to the Editor (July 2018)

Can US and China Coexist ?

Yes, their peaceful coexistence, in the future, is quite possible. The current relations between the US and China are stronger than those between the US and the USSR in the past. The US is China’s biggest customer. Such economic interdependence assures their peaceful survival. America’s dependence on Chinese goods with the reasonable prices, and the dependence of China on the US market for its export-led growth strategy effect the stable relations between the two countries. Moreover, both the countries are nuclear powers. They have a large number of nuclear weapons that deter both from attacking each other.

Additionally, both the countries agree on several important issues like terrorism and nuclear proliferation. Besides, China’s ‘peaceful rise’ plan has avoided direct conflict with the United States for 40 years. As a result, the abovementioned points clearly depict that the United States and China can coexist peacefully.

Sheeraz Akhtar Bhutto (Shikarpur)

Water Shortage in Pakistan

The Indus Waters Treaty was signed between Pakistan and India in 1960 for solving water-related issues. Although it has been beneficial, India is showing, time and again, hegemonic designs over the Indus Basin. As an upper riparian country, India enjoys great opportunity to construct dams.

Pakistan, currently, is faced with several challenges; water crisis being most daunting of them. Water shortage in the country will have multiple implications on national and international level; including national security, economic growth, peace and socio-political issues. The Indo-Pakistani rivalry over the Chenab River and Kishanganga River has also been rampant and is a dire threat to Pakistan’s water security. Pakistan has lodged petition against the matter before the World Bank and International Court of Justice but no solid outcome has been seen yet.

It is estimated that Indus Basin holds potential to produce 59,000 megawatts of clean energy but the country only generates 6,500 megawatts. So, Pakistan must reinforce its foreign policy toward India for table talks and solid solution to water insecurity problem. Besides, old dams, the state should also build new ones for water storage.

Wajahat Abro (Shikarpur)

OIC and Pakistan

OIC is the voice of the Muslim world. It is the representative body of 57 Muslims countries and billions of Muslims spread all over the world. Pakistan played an effective role in its creation. Pakistan is a peace-loving state and also wants to promote peace not just in Muslim countries but also all over the world. That’s why Pakistan is always at the forefront when it comes to the activities of OIC. The second summit of the OIC was held in the historical city of Lahore and 40+ members of Islamic state were present in it. Pakistan promoted OIC institutions and took part in establishing them e.g. Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jerusalem Committee, and so on. In current era, Pakistan can also play a crucial role in resolving the conflicts among the Islamic countries; Iran and Saudi Arabia, for instance.

Safia Malik Imtiaz (Karachi)

Elections 2018 and Importance of Vote

Elections 2018 are just around the corner. It is yet another opportunity for the voters as well as their leaders to rectify their mistakes. People must vote in the upcoming elections. It is the moment to understand the importance of ballot. They should show prudence while choosing their leaders. It is said ballot is more powerful than bullet; hence, they have to show that power. Moreover, political parties must realize the sufferings of the masses. They ought to show realistic approach to issues prevailing in the country, like corruption, energy crisis, water scarcity and human rights violations. Their focus should be to disseminate quality education and provide better healthcare to all and sundry. All political parties should include these areas in their manifestos. The caretaker government must also set an example by conducting free and fair elections to make the election day a historic one. It is never too late; if everyone plays his/her role with honesty, it is possible to get Pakistan back on the right track.

Dheeraj Kalra

Need for Computer Colleges

The use of computers and laptops has become immensely essential for the students in modern era. But it is really sad to highlight that there is no government institution for computer courses for males in Turbat; there is only one private institution named MIT but it charges 1000 per month that is not a small amount for the poor students. Many students want to do computer courses but they cannot afford the fees.

The education department of Kech district needs to pay attention to such issues and it should try to build government institutions for computer training so that the poor and the hardworking students do not face any problem.

Meher ul Nisa Ashraf (Turbat)

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