Letters to the Editor (May 2018)

Letters to the Editor (May 2018)

Cheating Leads to Nowhere

This is sad to say that cheating culture is destroying the young students of Balochistan. We can’t reckon more than 10 percent of the students of Balochistan who can attempt papers without cheating. Unfortunately, the examiners allow the students to do so openly. Amazingly, they support them to cheat by bringing various answers of the questions. Once I was appearing in papers of intermediate, suddenly an examiner came to me and asked which question I was attempting. I said it was question number 4. He asked me to give him the page after I completed my answer because his cousin was also among the candidates. I said sorry and he went to someone else for asking about the same question. Thus, the government of Balochistan must take action and end the culture of cheating within the province.

Ali Jan Maqsood (Balochistan)

End Power Outages in Sindh

Electricity has, no doubt, become an integral part of our lives nowadays. It makes our works easy. But, despite that we hardly have supply of electricity for ten hours a day. The rest of the time is consumed in an agonizing wait in these dog days of summer season. People long for it, but no one cares.

Furthermore, all the promises of the concerned authorities for providing the country with electricity are unfulfilled. Citizens have to bear 12 to 14 hours outages contrary to the official claims that the energy crisis was over. It seems that the authorities have gone dumb and deaf. Broadly speaking, it is not wrong to predict that people will be facing the menace of load shedding for weeks and months and years to come. Therefore, it is requested to the authorities concerned to look into this grave matter and have mercy on the citizens.

Salman Khan Soomro (Larkana)

Publish May Issue ASAP

Jahangir World Times is a great source of learning and major contributor for competitive examinations held anywhere in Pakistan. Aspirants are very curious for this piece of hard work that is result of enormous efforts from your team and it proves very fruitful in career development. Its contents and materials provide true pictures of current affairs of national and international issues. From every word to every line to every paragraph to every topic, there is authentic material. In my view, it is the only reliable publication on current affairs, especially for competitive exams. However, JWT is often made available in the market on or after 12th of every month. Since Sindh Public Service Commission is going to conduct a Screening Test for CCE-2018 on 12th May, I would request you to publish the May issue as early as possible as the World in Focus and MCQs section in it is indispensable for Screening Test.

Saeed Ahmed (Karachi)

Kabul Attack

The recent dastardly attack by Islamic State outside a voter registration centre in the Afghan capital Kabul left over fifty people dead, including women and children, and 112 wounded. The assault underscores growing concerns about security in the lead-up to legislative elections scheduled for October 20 which are seen as a test-run for next year’s presidential poll.

However, the attack substantiated such apprehensions, making proper election preparations a challenge for the Afghan government. It is because of a chain of attacks on voters that the American Ambassador in Kabul has described it as violence against democratic process. The claim by IS that it carried out the attack is also an indication that the terrorist outfit has established its roots in Afghanistan and there is need for the Afghan government as well as the coalition partners to focus on this new threat. Hence, intensified violence and terrorism is a stark reminder that the Afghan problem cannot be resolved through use of force as is being pursued by Trump Administration.

Baba Faiz (Ball Nigwar)

Executions in Pakistan

An international report published by Amnesty International namely: “Death Sentences and Executions 2017” mentioned that in the duration of four years, the death penalty was revived in Pakistan and an estimated 500 prisoners were executed while more than 7,000 inmates languish on death row.

In 2017, Pakistan has reached his highest level of execution in its history; approximately 60 executions occurred in 2017 and the report lists Pakistan as one of the five biggest executioners in the world.

The government should implement such laws where no one is hanged to death and justice prevails in the country.

ZN Baloch (Turbat)

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