Letters to the Editor (October 2016)


Undoubtedly, health has always remained a neglected frontier in Pakistan. The conditions of hospitals in Pakistan and healthcare facilities are substandard. A recently-released report said that Pakistan’s ranking in the Mother Mortality Ratio (MMR) had slipped from 147th last year to 149th this year. The government hospitals lack experienced doctors, technicians and the paraphernalia required to treat the patients. Moreover, deteriorated infra-structures, outdated ambulances, beds having no mattresses or sheets and filthy atmosphere add up to the dreadful situation. High charges and insecure conditions are also some other problems. We often get to hear about infant kidnappings as well. A severe heat stroke struck Southern Pakistan especially Karachi in 2015 resulting in around 2,000 deaths. One reason behind it was the negligence of concerned authorities as well as systemic flaws. The improvement of A/E services is the need of the hour. Targets should be set by the government to increase the annual GDP dedicated to health by 4% which currently is merely 1.5%. For achieving this, the government needs to re-evaluate its micro and macro economic policies. Doctors should only be appointed on the basis of merit, and not on favouritism. I strongly recommend that those in power must consider above recommendations to promote health sector in Pakistan.

Sara Waheed Khan (Hyderabad)


I am an avid reader of Jahangir’s World Times magazine and I have noticed that your only focus remains on CSS and PMS. Please also publish other general columns or articles. Many senior writers like Orya Maqbool Jan, Dr Shahid Masood and others should also be included. Your essays and columns only revolve around pure facts and figures. By reading such experiences and incidents, readers’ interest increases and they learn more. So, please also publish such articles and widen the scope of your magazine from just CSS/PMS to general public also.

Sumaira Asghar (Faisalabad)

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