On Supremacy of Law & FPSC Affairs (Editorial May 2014)

This piece basically aims at addressing two burning issues of today.

First is the issue of attack on Hamid Mir, a renowned journalist and anchorperson. This attack, indubitably, is condemnable as freedom of speech is the right of every citizen of a state. But, the other side of the coin depicts a sad tale of blackmailing and maligning the state institutions. The content aired by Geo TV for almost eight hours on the day of attack is not, at all, up to the ethics of journalism. However, the unfolding of events has landed the said channel at the mercy of Pemra. To quell the apprehensions of curbs on media organizations, it must be duly ensured that the supremacy of law is maintained and no curbs on media are imposed on the pretext of this sad incident. Everyone should remember that no individual or institution is above the law.

The second issue is the always-moaned belatedness of FPSC.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), the body assigned the task of recruiting new blood for country’s bureaucracy, hardly comes out of hibernation. They seldom devise any robust policies to address, in time, the issues faced by those who aspire to join the country’s bureaucratic fraternity. One instance of such ineptness is the announcement of Screening Test which was announced to be conducted for CSS-2014 in order to sift the most appropriate candidates for the written part. But, it was prorogued for CSS-2015 exam. But, till today, the matter is still in the doldrums as no official notification in this regard has been issued yet.

There is a widespread confusion among the aspirants regarding the actual status of the Test and, if conducted, the qualifications thereto. Even the method to calculate an aspirant’s hasn’t been announced till today. Will it be counted from the cutoff date of Screening Test or that of written exam. However, ground realities suggest that if the former will be the case, then thousands of talented and rightfully deserving candidates will be drained away due to laxity ‘or more truly indifference and apathy’ of the FPSC. Moreover, syllabus and paper pattern of Screening Test ‘if it is to be conducted’ is still unknown.

Aspirants have a number of such confusions which are to be addressed at the earliest to keep the cream of the country attracted towards the charm of joining the prestigious Civil Services of Pakistan.

There is no denying the fact that preparing for CSS exam is not a matter of days or weeks. One wonders that how on earth the FPSC can assume that a span of only a few days shall be sufficient to prepare for the exam. No one would disagree that months of meticulous study are inevitable to be able to take up the challenge. CSS results of the recent years provide ample proof that the monkey business on part of the Commission has caused this nation the loss of numerous fertile minds.

The FPSC should, at the least, be as vibrant and active as the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) which keeps students informed and updated all the time.

So, it is prayed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to please take immediate steps to ‘resurrect’ the FPSC and make it inanimate like all Public Service Commissions in the region. It is also the direst need of the hour that FPSC comes up with a new vision and prudent, executable policies if Pakistan is to compete globally in terms of brilliant minds. The traditional gimmicks won’t work in this modern world of information technology.

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