The enlightened Nazis

Has the process of imposing and promoting secular and liberal values by force started only now? Have those dictators never been supported who ruthlessly massacred religious-minded people to promote secular atmosphere?

I have nothing to say in response to the highly abusive words and extremely vulgar sentences, which a handful of people wrote against me in their blogs, after reading my columns and watching the TV programmes in which I discussed the decline of Arab dictators. In all such columns and TV programmes, I had made it quite clear that these despotic Arab rulers had nothing to do with Islam. They were liberal and secular-minded people, who were bent upon using brute force to eliminate from their countries all the signs and symbols associated with Islam, such as, the veil of women, punctuality in offering prayers and keeping beard. For several years, by exercising their power and authority, these autocratic rulers encouraged the opening and growth of Western-styled bar rooms, night clubs, massage parlours, ballet dancers’ clubs, casinos and luxury beaches in their Islamic countries. None of such evils had ever existed in the Arab world before the coming to power of these dictators. But for their promotion and protection, the liberal and secular Arab rulers imprisoned, killed and brutally tortured hundreds of thousands of Muslims. All such rulers were liberal fascists. The use of this term outraged my critics to such an extent that they began showering heaps of abuses and profanities not only on me but also on Hamid Mir, Kamran Shahid (who was hosting the TV programme) and all those people who were expressing similar views. In response to the vulgar and abusive language, I earnestly pray for its users that Almighty God may guide them to the right path. The reason is that he alone can guide the people to the right path, while our duty is only to expose the truth. Perhaps, while my liberal and secular critics were venting out their fury, they did not bother to think that the foul and filthy language which they were writing in their blogs, might also be read by the children of those against whom it was directed. For my part, I have advised my children that like me, they should also pray for the guidance of such people, because this is the right course.
But is it for the first time in human history that someone has used the terms liberal and secular dictatorship or liberal fascism? Has the process of imposing and promoting secular and liberal values by force started only now? Have those dictators never been supported who ruthlessly massacred religious-minded people to promote secular atmosphere?

The first among the modern secular and liberal intellectuals was the British author H.G. Wells, who was born in a middle class family in the English city of Kent on September 21, 1866. In his childhood, he was lovingly called Bertie. In 1874, one of his legs was broken in an accident and he started spending much of his time reading books in a nearby library and teaching children. He graduated in science and while he was at college, he was known as a good speaker. His first novel ‘Time Machine’ based on a new type of science fiction, was a huge success in the market. As a young man, besides being impressed by Platonic philosophy, he was a socialist and also became a member of the Fabian Society. The book which took him to the height of fame was a three volume book on history ‘An Outline of History’ which appeared in 1920. Afterwards, he began a vigorous propaganda of his views which are clearly noticeable even in the behaviour of our present day liberal and secular people. He was of the view that social progress is only possible if secular and liberal values are enforced in society by force, otherwise, the wheel of progress would be stopped. This is exactly what our modern secular and liberal people say today. They insist that religious conservatives and fundamentalists wish to take us back to the world of 14 centuries ago.

In 1930, addressing a group of progressive students at Oxford University, Wells presented his concept of liberal fascist revolution. He urged his listeners that if they wished to defeat the religious conservatives, they would have to become ‘Liberal fascists’ and ‘Enlightened Nazis’. Inspired by this idea of ‘Enlightened Nazism’

Mustafa Kamal used all available force to obliterate from Turkey every sign or symbol associated with the separate identity of the Muslims. Instead of Turkish dress and hat, men were forced to wear Western dress. Women were told to throw off their veil and wear skirts.
The Turkish script which resembled the Arabic script was replaced by the Roman script. Even azan (call to prayer) also began to be given in Turkish rather than Arabic. He heavy handedly silenced all those who disagreed with his views or had some soft corner for religion in their hearts. In 1960, the followers of Ata Turk awarded life sentence to President Jalal Bayer and hanged Prime Minister Adnan Menderes for having ‘conservative views’ which were supposed to be a serious threat to the country’s secular outlook.The same secular ideology gave birth to Hitler and Mussolini and millions of people in the West were sacrificed at the altar of liberalism and racism. Jonah Goldberg’s book ‘Liberal Fascism’ (published in January 2008), describes the history of liberal fascists and tells the horrible tales of their oppression and tyranny. According to him, liberals are those cruel people who have a smiling face. Their origin can be traced in the history of fascist movements which began in Europe at the start of the 20th century and their attitudes and behaviours are also similar to those of the fascists. They are deadly against all those people who disagree with their views and wish to wipe them out by the use of force. Goldberg is of the view that our present day liberals may not be described as Hitler’s cousins, but they are surely his grandchildren. The Nazis also talked about animal and plant rights and loved to launch anti-smoking campaigns. But at the same time, they had no hesitation in roasting their opponents in gas chambers and furnaces. According to Goldberg, liberalism started in America during the rule of Roosevelt, while in Britain, it began at the time of Woodrow Wilson. Those were the days when liberals began using force to impose their lifestyle on the whole world. They urged the whole world to wear like them, eat like them, hold elections like them, get rid of religion like them and enjoy free sex like them. Such fascist germs were present in almost all American presidents like Kennedy, Johnson and Bill Clinton. Even today, the economic vision of John Carey and Hillary Clinton also contains these germs.

But no one uses abusive language for them and no Khalid Ahmad writes any column against them. The reason is that all such people read English, spoke English and wrote English and even today, they love to do the same. On the contrary, there is an insolent Urdu medium person like me who is accused of being a conservative and fundamentalist. It is surprising to note that for almost five decades, the authoritarian Arab dictators went on persecuting the Muslims living in their countries, but none of our liberal and secular intellectuals ever wrote even a single line against their oppression. On the one hand, they project themselves as the champions of democracy but they are completely unnerved and perturbed as soon as an Islamic party comes to power in Algeria through democratically held general elections. They leave no stone unturned in condemning it as a terrorist organisation. On the other hand, these liberal and secular intellectuals joyfully celebrate the election victory of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), which is a terrorist, extremist and rightwing Hindu party. If, however, some party attempts to gain popular votes in the name of Islam, they at once, describe it as terrorist, militant and extremist. The fact is that they are neither interested in liberalism nor in secularism. They only hate one thing, that is, Islam and all its values, signs and symbols.

By: Orya Maqbool Jan

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